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Would you buy a Nintendo Switch??  SinLeviathan 1 2400 over a year ago
What's your top 10 hyrule warriors character?  Hakros323 0 3139 over a year ago
Evil Mario. Credit Zeldafan200  DJLSU64 0 2873 over a year ago
Please help save rareware  MisterH 2 3363 over a year ago
favorite video game franchise  haroldbeatboxer 5 10135 over a year ago
Wii Games: Which ones do you own?  makintosh 5 3664 over a year ago
Who's the Boss?  tiniepika 1 1140 over a year ago
3ds friend codes  ily12357 1 2631 over a year ago
Nintendo rp  Harpaw8 0 2291 over a year ago
Fun question! What would you do if....  Grapejuice 7 2024 over a year ago
Super Mario Dodgeball part 2 PLEASE READ!  nitro44769 0 1436 over a year ago
I HAVE AN IDEA FOR A NEW MARIO GAME  Fefe92 5 1601 over a year ago
Samus Aran vs Boba Fett Fight Video!  demonlhama 0 1430 over a year ago
NINTENDOS BIGGEST SECRET! SPREAD THE WORD!  nitro44769 0 1964 over a year ago
Super mario dodgeball part 1 PLEASE READ!  nitro44769 0 2733 over a year ago
Should link leave Zelda?  TVjunkie7598 5 8103 over a year ago
What's happened in the Mushroom Planet?!?!  Fefe92 0 1188 over a year ago
Support 3DS  MisterH 0 1340 over a year ago
Who misses the Koopalings?  Queenie_Art 4 14480 over a year ago
Nintendo DS games  hsm123 11 1836 over a year ago
Favorite Gamecube Game?  mrsquirrelly 18 1955 over a year ago
Wii is good for you!  nooyorker 0 804 over a year ago
In Firered/Leafgreen is there a Mew behind the truck?  RaichuKFM 2 1979 over a year ago
Nintendo DS and Britain’s Best Brain!  Applause 0 1221 over a year ago
spore is coming to the wii! new trailer!  bungalowbilly 0 571 over a year ago
new mario kart in galactic adventures  bungalowbilly 0 913 over a year ago
Favorite DS/Upcoming DS games?  Zerstoren 5 1563 over a year ago
WHAT NINTENDO PRODUCT IS THE BEST?!  KiteRoxUrSox777 2 1148 over a year ago
Hypothetical E3 2009  PkmnTrainerJ 4 1292 over a year ago
pit  sadlysweet 0 903 over a year ago
ANIMAL CROSSING WII...Fc list  GONZOLAND 0 1060 over a year ago
Five favorite GameCube games?  harold 19 1774 over a year ago
Mario kart Wii-Unlock EVERYTHING  GONZOLAND 2 1679 over a year ago
Phantom Hourgalss  AnimationFan 2 967 over a year ago
Big Brain Academy Rating  iluvezacefron0 0 787 over a year ago
What Was....  RainbowGeek819 7 1130 over a year ago
help?!?!  RainbowGeek819 6 787 over a year ago
nintendo ds  leannedowell 5 954 over a year ago
Gamecube Game Recs?  Cinders 1 654 over a year ago
I am a Nintendo Widower :)  jonbeckett73 9 1429 over a year ago
I need Help w/ internet for wii  bceagles11392 1 762 over a year ago
WHYYYY!!! Poor Gamecube!  MarioParty6Fan 2 1817 over a year ago
Fanpop Mii Gathering Discussion  PkmnTrainerJ 3 1327 over a year ago
DS Games and Gameboy  Saphira333 3 1039 over a year ago
MySims  tomgman 2 1065 over a year ago
Wii?  mrsquirrelly 6 909 over a year ago
DS lite  nak55 1 1098 over a year ago
Win a Wii - With FANTA!  tomgman 1 2120 over a year ago
Nintendo Wii?  g3o 2 787 over a year ago
wario ware  sprouseter16 3 905 over a year ago
Who Got A Nintendo Wii?  rajivdoshi 7 1038 over a year ago