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Like all other OUAT fans, I have recently been binge-watching the fourth and fifth seasons on Netflix. Season 6 can't come soon enough! As I was watching one of the later episodes of Season 4, "Heart of Gold", Regina said a line to Rumple that I could not stand:

"You made me a monster! But I won't let you do the same to Emma."

She has also said this line a couple of other times throughout the series.

I do admire Regina's character development. I really do. Having friends who cared about her and Henry made her her best self. She has changed for the better, although maintaining her sass. ;)

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I know this topic is really old lol but I've been meaning to type this article for a long time, I've just been to lazy to do so. As of late I haven't seen many people on fanpop who still insist that Regina doesn't love Henry, but trust me on tumblr there are still a good number of them--especially on this blog called 'anti-ReginaMills'. So I decided to type this up.

For starts all Regina really did was fight to keep Henry. In the first season she was trying to get Emma out of Storybrooke mainly to keep her from getting Henry. The main reason she hated Emma was because she felt that Emma was...
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Everywhere you look on the internet there's really strong opinions on these characters and the way they interacted with each other and who was in the wrong, who to blame etc. and I just want to lay out the situation how I see it.

Rumplestiltskin and Milah were married in a time when honor meant everything. Honor Before Reason and Honor Before Death were the tropes that society lived by. We saw this when Rumplestiltskin talked about how difficult his life was because of the cowardly actions of his father and how he was forced to live with that shadow. In this scene he had a wife who seemed to...
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“Regina, I have something you need to see.” David announced.

“David, I just got home from an alternate universe, can’t this wait?” Regina frowned.

David set a fair-sized cage upon the counter. “You bought me a pet snake?” Regina asked, knitting her brows quizzically. “A venomous one too…”

“It’s not just any poisonous snake.” David replied. “This one prefers to poison it’s victims with apples instead of fangs.”

Regina stared blankly for a few moments and then her eyes went wide, “she got herself turned into a serpent!?” She huffed, pinching the bridge of her...
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