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Whether you have a minute or an hour, you're sure to find a great quiz here to test your brain.
An OC (original character) is a pony you make up. Basically. Take my quiz to find out which of my OCs you are! Plz comment :)
Test your knowledge of TV shows and movies while enjoying celebrity pictures and sound clips.

funny little test on purity accordint to what you get up to on the internet. PG13 warning!
Trivia quizzes about the Bible.
Includes "Ice-Age Survival" and "Home Security Quizzes"
"Welcome to our venture into interactive training and testing. We offer a series of multiple-choice and other quizzes, of varying levels of difficulty, designed to test your knowledge in several categories."
Includes "Celebrity Tramp Stamp Quiz" and "Do you have shopping rage?"
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Site aimed at black people. Includes "How 'Bougie' or 'Ghetto' Are You?" and "How Scared Are You?"