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whispers in the dark
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i have found 3 characters who are called as the "thechildofmisfortune" they are: vincent nightray, leo baskerville, and lacie baskerville like they said the 3 child of omens the secret clue is number 3 the characters that i said is 3 they were the 3 child of omen

also lacie was cast by the abyss but why leo hasn't not! is that because he is the next glen?

vincent's eyes or different he has golden eyes like gilbert's eyes and the red eyes of leo and lacie

leo's eyes is red like lacie most of all the baskervilles have recent stories about this if your the child of misfortune you'll be tortured or you'll be killed like the 2 bad men's they appear in the manga of ph they were planning to kill lacie and jack
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pandora hearts
love triangle
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Japanese Lyrics: Bokura wa mirai wo kaeru chickara wo.
Yume ni mite te ta.

Noizu no naka kikoete kita kimi no nakigoe
warratte ita boku no yowasa wo abaita.

Kimi no yuki michiwa kimi ni shiki wakarani
Chigua sora oikatete.

Bokura wa mirai e makua yuuki wo.
Hoshigatte kako ni mayou.

Kimi ga warau hontou no
Ima e kaeritsuku made

English Lyrics:
The power to change the future.
We have seen in our dreams.

From within the noise I heard you cry.
But my laughter only exposed my own weakness

Only you know the path you can take.
Chasing A different sky.

We yearn for the courage to face the future.
Though we are lost in the past.

Only untill we can return to a time where you truly smile.
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