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posted by KowalskiTheLich
Three days passed and Skipper finally decided that the late night training exercises were not doing anyone any good. No one really knew why he had come to this conclusion, but perhaps he thought it was affecting Kowalski’s mind, as Kowalski had changed throughout the last three days.

Kowalski used to hate music and generally only tolerated it if it was soft and not repetitive and annoying. Now, he already listened to every record the penguins owned and even played them while he was fiddling with an invention. On day three, he finally packed up all of his inventions and threw them into a corner,...
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posted by annieptc
A normal day at the CPZ, the penguins are going through their normal morning routine when the Alice alarm goes off suddenly. They all run up topside to see her carrying a large crate.

To the man on the walkie-talkie she says, “Yeah we’re hoping that this female will mate with one of the males.” Alice put the crate down and walked away.

From inside the crate, they all heard a mumble, “Mate my ass. What am I, a prostitute?” It was a pretty female voice.

Skipper examined the crate and said, “Kowalski, options.” Kowalski flipped through his notebook and looked over his options he planned...
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Here's a characterization sheet I wrote the other day after seeing the movie. It's helpful for any fanfiction writers who want to use the North Wind in any of their stories.


Name: Classified
Species: Wolf
Expertise: Leader, Mission maker, Boss
Traits: Loyal; Scaredy-cat; Quick to change emotions; Convincing
Other: Doesn't really want to work with the penguins
Wear: Belt


Name: Eva
Species: Snowy Owl
Expertise: Intelligence; Computer Expert
Traits: Doesn't take sarcasm; Serious about job; Loves to fly
Other: Not a scientist; Love interest: Kowalski
Wear: Headset

Short Fuse
Short Fuse

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who needs a motto when ur someone awesome, like me?

Gender: Male, 26 years old
Country: anywhere i wanna be.
Websites: ur on the only one i got right now.
Favorite TV Show: don't have a tv.
Favorite Movie: still don't have a tv.
Favorite Musician: not big on music.
Favorite Book or Author: don't read much. well, at all, really.

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CommanderSkipper said...
    Rodent? What in the name of Eisenhower's oatmeal are you doing on fanpop? How did you...
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Author's Note: So, have NOT done a blooper in forever! I hope you enjoy it! :D


Waiting: Take 1

Kowalski: “So, twenty questions?”

Skipper: “Shoot.”

Kowalski: “Is it a person, place, or thing?”

Skipper: “Thing.”

Kowalski: “Is it bigger than a bread box?”

Skipper: “Yes. And no!” >:)

Kowalski: :/

[scene shifts to RICO and BROACHES]

Broach 1: “Deal ‘em, Bromeo.”

Rico: :D *hacks up roach* O_O “That’s not right...”

Everyone: O_o

Broach 1: “Hey, that’s my brother, Steve.”

Steve: *horrified* “The things I have seen...”

Waiting: Take 2

[scene shifts to RICO and...
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Day 6

(Eve’s POV)

I had Skipper called up again. I need some layout. I gestured for him to go into an examination room when Briana and Daniel caught my eye. They were looking at me giggling. I rolled my eyes and went into the examination room, shutting the door behind me.

“Alright Skipper. Anything I can use?”

“Well…The fence around the courtyard is about 30 feet high topped with thick coiled barbed wire. From the middle of the courtyard you can see a watch tower approximately 100 yards away from the fence at the northeast, east, southeast, and southwest directions. The hallway from the...
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posted by Saori14

Go to this address if you want to request a FanFiction from me. Now, onto the actual FanFiction:

Note - MY FIRST REQUEST :))))) I’m sorry, but I HAD to put a little Skilene in and some Pripper in the sense of father and son relationship. I'll think of a proper title at the end. M rated, so if you don't like lemons click away or don't read that bit. If you're not happy, Mostar1219, just tell me and I'll edit.

Chapter 1
Kowalski fidgeted as he looked around. Reporters and security were running around everywhere and he felt very uneasy just sitting there on a bench with his team. Apparently...
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posted by 10amberpet
Skipper, the fearsome leader of the penguins had decided to take a short walk before sunrise. It was super dark outside, usually the time the Leonard was awake. But sometimes he ran into the beautiful otter Marlene, who offered to take a walk with him. As always, he though about it, coming to the conclusion of "yes." But something strange had happened one day when they were walking.

"Hello Penguin!" King Julien said swinging down from the tree and placing himself between the two. "Hello beautiful lady."

"Oh hi Julien!" The always smiling Marlene greeted. "Me and Skipper were just taking a walk."...
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Chrome Claw: Take 1

Blowhole: "Oh, Skipper...You have more urgent matters to deal with..."

Skipper: "Like what?"

Blowhole: "Like...A certain mutation, I like to call..."

HD Surround Sound: "Chrome Claw"

Mutation: *roars*

Skipper: "Oh! So you did get around to making that monster!"

Blowhole: "Yes. And I'm rather pleased with how he turned out..."

*Skipper & Mutation begin to battle*

Kowalski: "That would be extremely impressive if it weren't about to--"

Mutation: *hits penguins*

Kowalski: "--AAAAH!"

Kowalski/Rico: *hit wall & ricochet back out*

Private: *slams into wall with excessive force*
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posted by SaturdaySurpris

Skipper means- shipmaster\captain(english)

Rico means- Strong ruler\glory(spanish)

Private means-A common soldier\Belonging to an individual person (american,english?)

Marlene means- bitter(german)

Julian means- youthful, young at heart(greek)

Maurice means- moor, dark skinned (moor=fasten, secure)(french)

Mort means- dead\a stagnant lake(french)
Hans means- Gift from God. God has been gracious(german,dutch)

Max means- greatest(latin american)

Doris means- sea(greek)

Nigel means- ahead\champion(american\gaelic)

Alice means- truth, noble(greek)

Clemson means- merciful, mild (medieval english)
K:lets see.....12 and 23....35° north-west
S:(pops out of nowhere wich causes kowalski to be frighten)So what are you for a trail Kowalski?
K:SKIPPER! on the trail the atlantic currents and the migration of the marine mammals....that it would be possible..that a certain dolphin is on the coast before New york at a few hours
S:(spits out his fish coffee)DR.BLOWHOLE! you crazy genie,kowalski! MAY START THE PARRY!>:D(brings rico and private)
Far too long already has the upper fin had Dr.blowhole!
K:Uh skipper...well...
S:(goes on with talking and ignores kowalski)but now we...
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Penguins of Madagascar Personality Test

"Everyone has their own penguin personality!"

It's not original, but I guess it will have to do. Check the underline before each item/characteristic if you possess it..

Note: If this means somewhat offending to anyone, just tell me and I'l take it down.

Thank you.


You are a Skipper if:
__ You are a born leader.
__ You are terrified of needles.
__ You crave for order and authority.
__ Your La la land is an army battlefield.
__ Your clothing color of choice is khaki/brown.
__ You are the first born child.
__ You always have a cup of coffee...
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"Rock & Roll Boys!"
"Rock & Roll Boys!"
A/N: *These poems may/may not seem like poetry and more like responses, but what do you expect….penguins' wrote it, lol. XD

Also, each chapter will be a poem written in the characters own P.O.V. [Point Of View] and as IF they, THEMSELVES, knew how to read and write decent poems in their own 'PenguinWay', and the text inbetween these text characters [EXAMPLE: / ... /] are additional side comments that will be provided by The Penguins—for humorous reasons...because there is plot behind these poems...[To Sum Up. Private thought it'd be an excellant idea that each member of the Penguin Team...
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posted by krazy4kowalski
All right, who wants to hear the back-story for this one? So during my research of all things Manfredi and Johnson, I was compelled to watch Stalag 17, the story of a German POW (prisoner of war) camp. Then I thought of my last summer camp which I described as a real prison (that explains why I went to Europe this summer!). I added in my love of POM and got this! Stars my OC Sapphire and this is humanized. I don’t own POM, Stalag 17, or fancy French chocolates. Cause I ate them all. Enjoy the fanfic.

It is my 43rd day here. I know. I’ve been counting. The air is hot and dry- typical enough...
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"Judging that the polar bear isn't trying to eat anyone,"
"Judging that the polar bear isn't trying to eat anyone,"
Last backstory! Next, we're into the real story! Also, if you don't understand, Classidy is Classified (I needed to give him a real name), and Short is Short Fuse.

"Wolf!" Short shouted.
"Seal!" Eva exclaimed.
"Owl!" Corporal enthused.
"Polar bear!" Classidy yelled.

The animals scrambled back to their feet (the ones that had feet) and jumped back away from the others. The siren continued to blare.

Now in a diamond shape, Eva noticed, they all stood in fighting stances. The Arctic's natural enemies, accidentally bound together. But was it accident as much as fate?

"What is a seal doing out of the water?"...
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posted by Sylvia_Puffin
1. It's funny!
2. The characters have been worked on. I like stuff where the characters all have their own personality.
3. I would never have found Fanpop if not for PoM!
4. Mort is adorable!
5. So is Private!
6. The animation is awesome. I suck at animation. The best I can do is some weird blue monkey head with fur sticking out of its eyeballs.
7. None of the characters are annoying!
8. It's different. Most shows aren't like it.
9. If you're sad, or worried, you can just watch PoM and you'll feel better. It works every time.
10. It's even fun to watch with the sound turned down! (You should try it--it's...
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posted by peacebaby7
    Snow covered all of New York, and snow was still drifting. The young children in Central Park anticipated the upcoming holiday…CHRISTMAS!!! Meanwhile the zoo animals were getting the zoo ready for Kidsmas. Skipper and Kowalski were walking through the habitats, Skipper making sure everything was running smoothly. Kowalski was taking notes on the progress being made.

    “How we looking Kowalski?”

    “We’re progressing pretty quickly this year.”

    “Perfecto. How are we on getting that tree?”

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posted by legendary7
The pengins began to proceed their journey before the sun came up to spare themselves from the blistering sun for awhile. That morning the heat was untoleratentable. By eleven Rico couldn't take walking anymore, so he slid on his belly.

As they inclined up a hill Private's eyes randomly began to light up. He daydreamed off into the distance. It wasn't long before Rico and Kowalski joined him in his gaze.

"What are you boys looking at? I don't see anything." Skipper questioned.

"Don't you see the H.Q.?" Kowalski said pointing to nothing.

"No, what are you talking about Kowalski? It's a...
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"Don't do it Private! Please spare him!" Kowalski cried, tears pouring down his cheeks. The flames reflected off the sweat on his face. "i'm sorry Kowalski. This has to end." Private held up a knife, Skipper was flat on the ground...On the other end of the Knife's point...

*Earlier that week*

"YAWN, ah... Another blissful day...UP AND ADAM BOYS!!!!!" Skipper yelled. They all sprang up, except for Starlite, she fell out of her hammock and flat on her face. "Do you always have to start off my day with a heart-attack? My alarm was less annoying, and it was a person shouting "WAKE UP!! WAKE UP!"...
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posted by Katie_Kat200
Chapter One is finished, here's Chapter 2. Finally, Kowalski goes sugar crazy! Lets see how this all unfolds *gets out popcorn*

Skipper woke up suddenly to an explosion. He looked at the clock. An explosion in Kowalski's lab? At 6:30 in the morning?

Another explosion. Kowalski usually isn't this bad… Skipper thought as he carefully made his way to the lab door. He heard maniacal laughter from behind the steel door.

"Oh great, he probably made himself evil," Skipper thought fearfully, opening the door very carefully....
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