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posted by JerChelSumWood
After 5 months away from Neverland, Wendy still remains the same. She still tells stories to her brothers and the Lost Boys but her stories are about Peter Pan's adventures.
One night, she told a story about what Peter does after his every adventure. He goes to London, stays at the nursery window and listens to a little girl's stories.
Then, when everybody is asleep, Peter whispers in Wendy's ear. Wendy answers back but her eyes are close. She feels she is dreaming. When Peter was about to leave, Wendy wake up and said hi. Peter admit that he misses her dearly. And when he can't stand it, he...
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posted by kitkat987
It was the man who haunted the childrens dreams and nightmares,it was hook.As he leaped into the nursery he was everything wendy had remebered peircing eyes and a hook instead of a right hand.Pirates flooded into the nursery grabbing every child and tieing them up."hello my beauty oh how glad i am to see you again,i see you have decided to grow up,what a wise choice" hook said in his deep husky voice. "how are ypu here i thought you had been eaten? wendy stuttered. "you see the horrid creature did not chew me up so i stayed in tacked in the beast's stomach waiting for him to open his mouth...
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Carter's POV
I didn't want Peter or any of the Lost Boys to know about Hook and what he did. It was aweful. I don't even want to talk about it.
Peter was so caught up in Wendy. He was going to get hurt. I just knew it.
Peter can we talk? I asked.
Okay what about? He asked.
Ita about Wendy. I said.
Yeah how come you don't like her? She's great. Peter said.
No she is not, she is going to break your heart. She will miss her parents and will go back in England. I said.
Break my heart? You think I like her? He asked.
Yeah it's pretty clear to me. I said.
Whatever, how come you have been acting so weird? Peter...
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posted by kitkat987
Tink pointed outside of the nursery as she began to flutter to a wooden draw.I forced the draw open,pushing me to the floor,I grasped the shadow as it swung round and punched me in my face(I hates that shadow)Suddenly footsteps came from the stairs as a women emerged.I gasped and fled to the ceiling leaving the shadow.The wimen had a long red velvet dress on that dragged along the floor,she had fiery red hair in a neat bun that sat on her head.She peaked into the children's room and strolled back down the stairs.I checked every room for the shadow including the master bedroom.It had the biggest...
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posted by canal
hook groping wendy (sorry i have no pic of rosalia)
hook groping wendy (sorry i have no pic of rosalia)
Wendy walked up to the tree and sat right at the bottom not knowing peter was at the top."Oh peter why won't you beileve them"wendy said sounding worried.Peter looked for somewhere to fly off to until he heard the words."Peter won't you ever listen im not leavin but you wouldn't understand how i feel for you"wendy said still not knowing peter heard every word.Peter stayed looking down on wendy.Peter saw hook coming from out of the forest behind wendy."Wendy look out!!"peter yelled out.Wendy jumped to her feet and saw hook."Red handed jill we need a story teller the boys are getting restless"hook...
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I sobbed quitely while I slid down by Peter's bed.
Carter? What's wrong? Peter asked.
I--- thought you were dead. I thought you had taken the medicine that Hook posioned. I said meekly.
Are you okay? You're bleeding. He asked.
Oh I'm fine. I said.
I felt the cut on my head and cheek. I winced at the pain.
What happen to you? He asked.
Hook got me again. He caught me off guard. I said.
Did they beat you this time? Peter asked quitely.
No. Oh! He captured the guys. I said.
Names?! He asked.
Wendy. I mumbled.
We need to help them. Get then away from Hook. He said.
I went over and poured the posioned medicine...
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posted by canal
peter mutter to hook and said to die will be the greatest adventure since you have killed wendy. the lost boys still watched wendy but in all of a sudden wendy moved her head and moaned peter.peter yelled tootles she's alive peters eyes widened and moved right as hook's sword hit the ground. argggg pan i thought you wanted to die well wendy's alive hook so thats the end of for now. peter flew away with wendy in his arms. but when they got to the hide out slightly remembered. tink we forgot tink slightly shouted. We can't get her now peter said wendy is waking up will shall get her tommorow...
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posted by kitkat987
Peter wondered how he could get past the vicoius pirates that were scattered around the deck but then a thought came to him.Bill Jukes was sat scrubbing the decks with a scranny hat on his small bald head on a slant,peter swooped down and grabbed the hat and placed it on his head and then quickly flew back to the bottom of the ship.
"what?" thought Bill as he scratched his head,as peter loooked around he saw a tall broad man with a long black coat who appeared to be taking it off,peter flew down and took the coat from his arms and threw it on himself,the pirate soon forgot and carried on with...
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Chapter Seven
Everything was going well. His mother and grandmother bothed looked at it. They were amazed that it stopped bleading.
I told them about the rash on your arm, they said they would like to look at it too. Nadan said as he translated what his grandmother had said.
No, it's okay, it's nothing. I can just stop practicing for a few days. I said.
They insist on it. He said.
No, it's okay! I said sternly.
Carter, you are going to insult them if you do not allow them to look at it. Nadan said.
Nadan! I whinned.
Come on it couldn't hurt you unless your are hiding something. Nadan said....
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posted by canal
Wendy sat up in bed every night waiting for Peter to come back but he never did. Wendy waited until all hope of him coming back was gone. Oh peter why did you lie wendy quietly whispered to herself. I didn't lie said peter who was sitting at the window the whole time. wendy couldn't speak she was full of joy that he came back. peter wendy cried with glee. i may be a boy but i never ever break my promise said peter who wanted wendy back. peter why have you never come in befor wendy wonder. the window was shut. said peter who couldn't come up with a real explenation.
posted by canal
Peter slightly said in shock. peter said not a word but he stared at slightly not an injury on his body what coulb be happening peter thougt. Slightly peter said who are you not injured. yeah wendy said. Well it's a funny story actully peter slightly said. well then when it's done i better be laughing peter said. Well when i came to the jolly roger hook had place the jar tink was in down and well i got carried away and yelled out for hook and then ummm i grabbed the jar and yelled peter pan will be coming in the morning. Slightly how could you said the lost boys. Well oh i am ever truely sorry...
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posted by kitkat987
As quiet groan cmae from wendy as her eyes started to open,"peter"she muttered.
"wendy!"screamed the boys as they huddled around wendy.The boys carried wendy inside the ship,"we must go home boys,we have been gone for to long even longer than last time"she announced.
"She is right peter we cannot stay here we have a family and a life back home"said slightly.
Peter's smile disappeared as he looked away,"we will set off tonight if you wish"murmed peter as he fought back his tears.The boys went with tink to arrange a fairy guide to lead them back leaving peter and wendy alone.
"i thought i lost you...
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posted by canal
This time hook was mad more mad than when peter cut his hand off.Hook got up and flung his sword at peter.And just missed his head.Peter was in shock and comfused He looked at wendy then at hook.Peter yelled slightly as hook grabbed on to get the boy back when your ready to give your life hook said with a smirk.Hook took slightly and went into his cabbin.Peter we have to get slightly nibbs said.And risk my life peter said if i give my life who will look after wendy and you guys peter said. Peter i shall be fine but that boy is not wendy said.Peter looked at hook's cabbin and said i...
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Remember don't tell anyone. I said.
Right, my lips are sealed. Nadan said.
Thanks again. I said.
No problem, did you want me to walk you home since you know? He asked.
I would but I don't want Hook finding you. I said.
Don't worry about me. He said.
Let me guess, he can't catch me. I know how to fight. I said curiously.
Yep. Nadan smiled.
Not you too! I growled.
Oh Peter! He mumbled.
Thanks again. I said.
I waved goodbye and left. I headed for the house. I felt like someone was following me but there wasn't.
I looked inside the house and saw Peter and Wendy talking. Smiling and laughing as...
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posted by canal
Another what said wendy looking quite pale. You said on the jolly roger somthing would be mine and always will be and then you gave me a thimble. What about it peter wendy said with a small smile. i want another please a thimble not oh never mind. If another thimble is your wish it is i who must grant it.she leaned up the peter and gave him a thimble. Peter Wendy we need y.... the two looked around to see what is was. tootles came out to peter and wendy ans said it's slightly he said he couldn't stop thinking of what hook would do to tink and said not to tell you but we had to. woah slow down...
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What are you doing? Hook asked as he caught me untying the boys.
I am making sure these knots are tight. I stated.
Okay keep a good eye on them. He demanded.
Yes sir. I said.
Hook turned around and started to find the flying crocodile.
We ushered the boys and Wendy into Hook's study. Peter and I stood outside by each other waiting for Hook to turn around and find us.
Hook looked speechless when he turned around and saw Peter and I standing next to each other.
Who's doing is this? Hook asked.
Peter and I looked at each other.
It's our doing. Peter smiled.
Yes, I am finally getting some credit for doing...
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posted by canal
Peter had set out to find slightly but after all the searching he decided to take a break he wondered in to the black castle and sat in the hand og the stone crocodial and thought to himself. he thought back to a time that never stopped popping into his mind so this time he wanted to listen to it. Love you love wendy wendy pan peter woke up yelling. To see slightly looking at him like he just came in to the castle. Slightly peter yelled i need you. Slightly flew up to peter but stayed a few feet away. Yes peter. peter looked affended i am not peter you must call me father and wendy mother....
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Nadan started saying something. I couldn't understand it. The boy looked down at me and than looked back up at Nadan and Wildcat.
Get off of me! I demanded.
He can understand you. Wildcat said.
He can understand you! Tell him to get off me! I yelled.
No can do. Wildcat said.
Nadan! I squeilled.
Nadan and Wildcat both started talking faster in their language.
The boy slowly got off me but still wasn't sure about me. I got up and started picking leaves in my hair.
Are they all out? I asked.
All but one. Wildcat said.
I started brushing my fingers through my hair trying to get the leaves out....
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We got back to Never Land. I went to see Nadan. I needed to apologize and say thank you.
I walked into in Indian Hill and people stared at me.
Um is Nadan here? I asked a kid that passed by.
He started speaking to fast in his language. He than grabbed my upper air and pulled me into the woods.
You can't be here! He said.
Why not? I asked.
Because Nadan is suppose to marry Tiger Lilly. He said.
What's your name? I asked.
Abooksigun. He said.
And it means? I asked.
Wildcat. He said.
Well Wildcat, I know Nadan is suppose to marry Tiger Lily but I was here to apologize and say thank you. I said....
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posted by kitkat987
I quickly flew to side of the window,it was open but the children were fast asleep in their beds.Tink pulled my hair and made a 'let's go' sign,but just before I turned around I saw the girl lying in her bed I quickly floated over to her.Her hair was sprawled out on the thick pillow,I leaned closer in to examine her some more but suddenly her eyes started to flutter as she opened them. I panicked and hit the top of the wall,suddenly I heard a barking noise I flung my head round ti see the same dog barking at me,I flew to the window.Something was pulling me back but I didn't know what it was,I...
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