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"At this moment, there are 6,470,818,671 people in the world. Some are running scared. Some are coming home. Some tell lies to make it through the day. Others are just now facing the truth. Some are evil men, that war with good. And some are good, struggling with evil. 6 billion people in the world. 6 billion souls. And sometimes, all you need is one." ----Peyton Sawyer, "Brave New World" (3.01)

One noticeable characteristic on Peyton's character is her love for music, specifically the rock genre.

Peyton is always seen in her bedroom, sketching on a pad in front of her 24-hour webcam while listening...
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posted by mollyx365
Peyton is really strong. She's gone through so much shit.

1. Her adopted mom died
2. Guy trying to rape her at a college party
3. Larry possibly dead at sea
4. Lucas & Brooke triangle
5. Fight with Brooke
6. Jake leaving the first time
7. The whole dyke thing with Anna & Felix
8. Cocaine
9. Jake coming back but going to jail soon after
10. Jake leaving to find Jenny
11. Not getting along with Ellie
13. Finding out she's adopted
14. Ellie dying
15. Shot by Jimmy
16. Pete leaving
17. Proposes to Jake but says I love you Lucas in her sleep so Jake sends her back to Tree Hill
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posted by eka-chan
"Bless me Father, for I have sinned. You see lately I've been having impure thoughts about- Actually, I haven't been doing very well lately. This is the first time I've been in a church since my mom died. I think about her everyday. I just- I wonder what she would say to me right now if she could see me and see how I've been living. I wonder if she knows, on most days I fall short of being the person she wanted me to be, or I wonder if she saw me do that line of coke last week. And the thing is, I don't even know why I did it. You know, my life is pretty good... it is, but I was just searching...
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posted by Naleyluv23
01. Leyton- She and Luke are the perfect couple!!
02. Music- She is so passionate about her music
03. Art- She expresses herself thru her art
04. Breyton- Her & Brooke make me laugh so hard!
05. She slapped Chris Keller- I enjoyed that!
06. Friends w/ Benefits- raised money 4 cancer
07. Strength- She is so strong which inspires me
08. Fashion- She wears really amazing outfits!!!
09. Dreams-She follows her <3 looking 4 happiness
10. Paythan- Their friendship is so cute!!!
11. Ellie- She trusted and opened up to her
12. Thud- It lead to the quote "Your art matters"
13. Life- She embraces it & over comes challenges
14. Cheerleading- isn't an average cheerleader
15. Potential- Has the potential to do anything
posted by hsm3-fan
My name is Peyton Elizabeth Scott and this is my story.

It all started when I came in to this world, by Elizabeth harp and, her boyfriend, Mick wolf on January the 7th middle name comes from my biological mother. I was adopted soon after my birth by a young couple, Larry and Anna sawyer. Unfortunately, when I was 8 years old, Anna was on her way to pick me up from school and she was going to be late, so she ran a red light, she got hit and she died that day.

I love to draw, when I met my birth mother, I found out I got that gift from her, People tell me I show my emotions through my drawings,...
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Her car races down the quiet streets of the small town, violently scattering a small plume of autumn colored leaves across the jet-black asphalt as she passes.

She's late.

Fifteen minutes late.

Seventeen minutes late, she realizes as she checks her watch again. She'd lost track of time at the record store, adding this to the reasons why she should finally break down and just buy a damn watch.

She presses her foot down on the accelerator just enough to race cleanly through a light that turns yellow, then she kisses the tips of her fingers and presses them to the roof of the car paying homage to...
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posted by Naleyluv23
Peyton has a lot of STRENGTH. She fought of Psycho Derek and went through two dead moms. She was shot and doesn't hate Jimmy Edwards for shooting her.
She has a lot of PASSION. She shares her passion for Art and Music through her Red Bedroom Records. She made a benefit album with Ellie to give proceeds to Cancer Research.
She also is a FIGHTER! She fought for Lucas through Lindsey and Brooke, but she never gave up hope. She fought Psycho Derek and fought with Ellie for her cancer. Peyton survived getting shot, by not giving up.
Peyton never gave up HOPE. She dreamed and wished for Lucas and...
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P. Sawyer
P. Sawyer
When One Tree Hill comes to an end what happens to the one and only Peyton Sawyer. Will she and Lucas get married? Will they be a family with their child(ren)??? Will she be a big icon in the musical industry???? Will she find the greatness that she is destined for?????

Personally, I hope she marries Lucas, has twins (Boy and a Girl) and becomes the most popular label in the universe. Peyton has always had the potential to be the most surprising character. She has started very tradgeically and it would be very nice to see her get her fairy tale ending for a change. Peyton is abnd always has been my favorite character and whatever Mark and Joe (Schwahn and Davola) come up with for the ending will be perfect!!!!
So, i posted this on fanpop MONTHS ago, and i wanted to post this part here since it's regrading Peyton. It will seem like a Brucas vs Peyton thing, well actually it is a BL vs P thing, which not my fault considering people seem to have reasons to hate peyton that include BL. Anyways, after reading this (P. sawyer haters) i don't expect you do love her, but she's made some bad mistakes, almost all of the characters have, so i hope you give her a chance.

(words credit:

Now here are the most common reasons why people HATE Peyton.

*1st reason: "She broke up Brucas; she came between Brucas;...
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Peyton's evolution throughout the seasons is the most complex thing in OTH. The reason why she is my most favorite character is because she's undeniably a person meant for greatness. The problem with her is she can't seem to figure out her emotional needs once it's too late and end up backing herself into a truck-load of defeat and shame. I think she's the girl who's always in the misery business. But she deserves to be loved and be taken care of.

I mean, Season 1 showcased her as the tortured artist, someone who believes music can change the world. Her idealism is very touching, although most...
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"Why are you a cheerleader? I mean, no offense or anything, but you're about the least cheery person I know." ----Lucas Scott, "Pilot" (1.1)

The real reason why I kept watching One Tree Hill is because of my growing fascination for Peyton.

Before discovering this wonderful show, I was a The O.C junkie and I completely adore Marissa Cooper. She strikes me as the pretty girl-next-door who wants nothing more than to be seen differently. And then I met Peyton Sawyer and she's a hell a lot more complicated than sweet Coop. I never knew the plot for OTH but I was drawn to Brooke (Sophia Bush) when...
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That's a trick question for me. Peyton has had a lot of bad or unexpected things happen to her. In my opinion, I think Psycho Derek is the worst thing that happened to Peyton because Psycho Derek (a.k.a: Ian Banks) led Peyton to beleive that he was her real brother, when he really wasn't her brother. I would have said Ellie dying, but Peyton knew she would die because she had cancer, but then again, Peyton didn't know that Ellie would die just a little before the "Friends with Benefits" CD came out. But other then my opinion, what do you guys think?
posted by crystal_ship
Peyton : Okay, open your eyes.

Lucas : This is the roome where .....----......

Peyton : You proposed to me four years ago.

Lucas : Yeah.

Peyton : You said it should be like a dream, so ..... I have this dream where we're back in the hotel room, and you propose to me, and every single time, I say yes.

Lucas : It's just a dream right ?

Peyton : But it's my dream.


Make a wish and place it in your heart. Anything you want, everything you want. Do you have it? Good. Now believe it can come true. You never know where the next miracle is gonna come from, the next...
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posted by 1treehillfan
Well, I write a lot of articles but I haven't written one in this spot yet so, here I go.

Peyton Sawyer was originally supposed to be the main girl that you were supposed to think was just this broody, annoying, pouty, stuck up popular girl... until as season 1 progressed you start to realize her pain. You start to understand more about her. And so we find out that the Purpose of Peyton was to bring darkness and meaning to the show. The other characters are also very important, but Peyton was meant to be the girl that has been through so much, she's supposed to teach you to not judge a book...
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posted by deanwastedyou
Well Peyton is my all time fav character and I love her a lot so I'm writing just really all how I feel about her which shows how awesome she is!

Peyton Sawyer is strong and has more heart than anyone. She uses her art to let the words she can't say come out and sometimes not speaking gets her into trouble (Lucas) and when she does it may happen too (Lucas). She's messed up in her life but shes fixed it more than needed.

She loved Lucas and Jake but she always had something more for Lucas. He did fix her car. Her llove for music has changed everyone she knows and the way she stands for her belifes always lets her rise above. She'll be a great mom like both of hers and so will Luke her true love. And her friends will stand beside her as well.

All in all I love Peyton (Leyton) and I think people that don't like her have a problem and I just felt like writing about how great of a character she is. TLA Leyton and Mini Leyton!!!!
posted by deanwastedyou
     ...Tells you everything...

"Find a great song, whether it's disco, pop, or punk, or whatever, just turn up your stereo to eleven, and just dance. And if you have to, keep dancing. Until you lose yourself. Or you find yourself again."

"You know I've got this theory, there are two kinds of people in the world. There are lyric people and music people. You know, the lyrics people tend to be analytical. You know, all about the meaning..."

- Peyton Sawyer (she has the idea)

I love these quotes and they are right, plus they have great meaning and I think these quotes show and stand for who Peyton is.

I guess that's why she is my favorite character, I love her very much <3
posted by hsm3-fan
Sawyer, move your scrawny butt!" Elle hollered at her older sister.

"I'm moving as fast as I can! This attic isn't very easy to get into." Sixteen-year-old Sawyer pulled herself up into their attic and moved so that Elle could lift Maddy up next. There were no stairs to get up into the attic. It was just a cut square in the ceiling of the hallway on the second floor. Sawyer had roped her sisters into helping her look for some of their mom's old drawings. Sawyer was the artist in the family, having inherited Peyton's talent and also having found a passion for it that was all her own. She knew...
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posted by CheeryDavis
For my Momma P who is a beautiful, strong, independent, brave, kind, gentle-hearted, survivor, and warrior! To her Peyton Sawyer is more than just a character, she's inspiration and healing! I love you Laurencia this is for you!

she is the girl with the most amazing heart
you fall in love with her whit and charm it pulls you in from the start

you can't deny her grace, her compassion and her beauty too
it comes at you with such force and magnitude

she never fells to say hello when she sees your online
i swear i could talk and laugh with this girl for a life time

she doesnt care who you are or what's...
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posted by CheeryDavis
Ok so you can ask all my friends I can't stand leyton, im a total brucaser, but even I was completely touched by the new promo for 6x17! It seriously broke my heart! I love Peyton and I hope that she is okay, so this is for her! This is also for all my leyton friends who are probably crying right now! So i hope you guys enjoy this, its a short poem and its sad so tell me what you think!

"How can this happen in a month"
I can't believe its been one month, a moment really can change it all.
Lying on the floor cradled in his arms, the world feels so big and I feel so small.

Small, that's what my...
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I just wanted your opinion on this question. For me personally, I have always loved Peyton. From the pilot until now, Peyton has been my all-time favorite character of One Tree Hill. There are a bunch of things we love about Peyton. She's got a great sense of humor, she's gorgeous, she's a great friend (especially to Brooke), and she really cares about art and music. Even though there are a lot of things we like about her, has there ever been a time where you started not to be a fan of Peyton, but after a few episodes, you liked Peyton again?