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posted by nikkibellafan02
Phoebe Tonkin
Phoebe Tonkin
Phoebe: This is Phoebe Tonkin and you all know me from the Originals, The secret circle, the Vampire Diaries, and of course H2O but I'm NOT really an Aussie after all and here's how I found out.
announcer: welcome to who do u think u are? tonight's celebrity Phoebe tonkin.
Knock at door
Phoebe(opens door with smile on her face) Hello? I'm so excited to see what I am
OK then let's check the computer to look u up.
Phoebe(sits down and is stunned to see what she really is) What? OMG! this can't be possible.
Phoebe: As it turns out my dad was in the Vietnamese war and ended up taking Tonkin as his last name. so I know u all think I'm an Australian but truth is I'm Vietnamese, If I was Australian my last name surely wouldn't be Tonkin it be something like My last name on H2o Sertori.
the show that she discovered this fact
the show that she discovered this fact
Phoebe and her supposed Australian father
Phoebe and her supposed Australian father
What made Phoebe get her last name
What made Phoebe get her last name
Phoebe's Real dad
Phoebe's Real dad
posted by lola_balboa
I think that Pheobe Tonkin has made some bad choices in her life, but i am personally a fan of her. She used to smoke, but i don't think she does anymore. She is really pretty. Pheobe can't swim, and she lives in Australia! She takes baths with her friends, she may be a lesbian, i don't know though. I love her show, h20 Just add water. I watch it whenever it is one and i only missed 2 episodes. I love the whole body of it and I wish they played it more often than drake and josh, because that is an old show. They are playing new episodes for the week of 7-9-08, I have watched everyone eccept for the one they showed monday.
posted by calebdownes
Phoebe Tonkin was born in Sydney New South Wales 1989 on the 17th october.She has made some bad decions in her life but most of us still respect her.
She has been a model,She has played a part as cleo sertori in h20 just add water.
She has done lots more i could go on and on about wot she has done but im not.
I think she is great and my lucky cousin got to meet Phoebe i was upset that it was not me.but any way we all think Phoebe is awsome.
I hope one day i could meet phoebe tonkin (in my dreams)Well it could happen.but any way about phoebe.She was amazed when she got the part of h20 she was very happy.

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posted by calebdownes
Pheobe Tonkin

What has she done

Shes been a model
Shes played cleo in h20 just add water
And lots more

Shes great she shows us u dont have to be famous to have fun,if u have looked at her profile shes done so much.

She has let kids meet her my cousin got to meet her i told him"u are so lucky it has been my dream to meet Phoebe Tonkin and i am a bigger fan than u".He said it was just luck,But any way shes a great person,she even managed to make the auditions for a tv show at the age of 10 how amazing is that.But overall Phoebe Tonkin is awsome

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