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poddo posted on Feb 18, 2009 at 12:38AM
This Spot is Mostly for info. about Me!
So you have to know what I know to know me Better!

Sonic Heroes:

How to get your Team Blast full easily - This works Best with Team Rose, All you have to do is play as Amy, Sonic, Shadow or Espio, 1st select your Team, Then keep pressing "S" fastly as a Speed Element Character untill your Team Blast is Full!!!

How to do a Long Jump - Well, If your playing Super Hard Mode then you'll have to do long, Long Jumps!, 1st play as a Fly Element Character, Jump and hold A, Then when your Jump is finishing press A for a long Fly, And Keep Pressing "X" so your Fly Power wont end soon!, Trust me, I did that and won!

How to unlock Super Hard mode - Sacsessfully finish Stoy Mode and Challange Mode, Get all A ranks, Then done!

Metalic Skin - While Playing 2P choose your Team with A and while selecting Press and Hold A and S at the same Time select your stage, This only works if you have an extra Start Button for Example "Enter", Or "Space", Good luck! :D

Do I need to tell?, Just search the Internet or your Cheat Book!

Do I need to tell?, Just search the Internet or your Cheat Book!

Longer Jump - Jump and hold A

How to Unlock Metal Sonic - Sacsessfully Complete all Missions, Unlock all the Mini Games, Then Metal will be Unlocked!

Sonic 3D Blast:
Just search the Cheat Book or Internet!

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