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Ash: All right, then! Today, we’re gonna catch some more Pokemon!
Cress: Why am I here?
Iris: I have no clue.
Pikachu: Ditto.
Ash: Pikachu you’re not a Ditto!
Iris: Uh, I don’t think that’s what he meant, Ash.
Pikachu: My voice actor is a girl!
Ash: Then what did he mean?
Pikachu: (facepalm) Why do I bother?
Iris: Let me look it up online.
Iris: Okay, it says ‘a pokemon that can change forms’. Oh, wait, wrong definition. I clicked on the Pokedex online option, silly me!
Cress: C’mon, Iris I know what it means.
Pikachu: Then why did you make us go through all that?!...
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posted by pinkydoll
Ash, Cilan and Iris continue their path to Nimbasa City. However, they meet Stephan, a man who constantly trains. Ash then asks for a battle with Stephan, to which he agrees.
Ash sends his Oshawott out, while Stephan his Blitzle. Joltik attacks Oshawott, and as Oshawott attempts to block the attack, his Scalchop disappears and the attacks shocks Oshawott! Oshawott is desperate to find the shell, so Stephan gives time for Ash to find the shell. Iris' Axew finds a bottle cap, but Oshawott isn't satisfied. Oshawott himself finds something that conducts electricity - Joltik. Iris finds some fruit...
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