Pokémon Lets Do A Pokemon Rp

misshedgehog posted on Sep 01, 2013 at 07:28PM
here you can be a trainer or a gym leader or Elite Four
you start off with one pokemon it can be from the professor or others ways
what do they wear:
what do they look like:
anything else you want to add

rule 1: this rp can have mature thing in it like a character death but ask the person first
rule 2: if there going to be mature romance like love making please use this -------------CENSORED------------- or skip it
rule: you can say bad word but not too bad or too much
rule 4 have fun

oc aka real pokemon on character like red are now alone
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over a year ago Nojida said…
(You know what? Now that Erik's out, i can't do random things anymore! XP)
over a year ago misshedgehog said…
Abagail: thank you
over a year ago vegeta007 said…
"Man am I glad this thing wasn't lit"Red said dusting off his Santa outfit

"Yeah you can! So you wanna join them ?"
over a year ago DragonAura15 said…
(What makes you say that?)
Silver: Anytime.
(BTdubs, does any1 watch SpongeBob?)
over a year ago Nojida said…
(He is one of my characters that are the best at doing random things!)
Claire arrives and sees Red "Wow, you really came in from the chimney?" she asks with a snicker.

"Alright! Everyone, in the lobby!"
(I do ;D)
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over a year ago vegeta007 said…
"I'm trying to have some fun with outfit, I might even rife Jace and Mordo a bit later"Red said

"Alright!"Yancy appears outside the center with the outfit and Yugi's hair

(I do! It's my one of my fav shows and my second fav Nickelodeon show!)
over a year ago DragonAura15 said…
(Then you'll probably recognize this song! It's been stuck in my head for the longest time XD)
Chester+Jay: Oh, Santa, Santa, Santa, has his jolly little eyes on me!
over a year ago misshedgehog said…
Abagail: should i get the christmas gift
over a year ago DragonAura15 said…
Silver: Sure!
over a year ago Nojida said…
"Oh, right. They're dressing as deers" Claire says with another snicker.
"But was it fun falling into the chimney?" Magia asks walking over to them.

"Wow, seriously?" Yellow asks appearing next to Yancy, wearing her usual clothes but in Christmas version.

(Oh dear XD)
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over a year ago vegeta007 said…
"More than you would think"Red said

"Yes, when you got it you got it"Yancy said posing

(Awesome! XD)
over a year ago DragonAura15 said…
(Chester and Jay continue singing, and Jay takes out the Electric Guitar and starts playing the song)
Faust: Jay!
Jay: Humma?
Faust: Are you ever going to give me a heads-up before you (quotes with fingers) "borrow" any of my Props?
Jay: Well, they used to be mine, two years before you got them, so I'm free to use them, too.
over a year ago Nojida said…
(Goodnight guys... T^T)
"You gotta try it sometime too" Claire says.
"How about you go first?" Magia suggests and they start arguing.

"Oh boy" Yellow says.
over a year ago misshedgehog said…
Abagail bring many gifts for all her friends
over a year ago DragonAura15 said…
Luna: Thank you.
Jay: Thanks, Abagail.
Chester: Ooh, presents!
over a year ago vegeta007 said…
(Aww goodnight)
"Whoa girls!"Red said "Only Santa can do it"

"Oh yeah"Yancy said
over a year ago misshedgehog said…
Abagail giggles: have i been a good girl santa?
over a year ago Nojida said…
"You two have to get into the Christmas spirit!" Zuzu exclaims wearing a Christmas skull cap "Just look at Sny, he's as Christmas-like as ever!"
"You all are gonna pay for this" Sny says angrily wearing an elf outfit.
"Oh come on, Sny. We're rocking these outfits!" Rio exclaims wearing another elf outfit.
"Oh gosh!" Magia and Claire both exclaim in unison and start laughing.

"No wonder no one's gonna go all fangirl around you" Yellow says.
over a year ago vegeta007 said…
(Just finished an awesome Christmas lunch! :D)
"Oh wow"Red laughed

"Don't worry I'll change back to Yugi in a bit"Yancy said
over a year ago Nojida said…
(I will do that in two hours ;D)
"You and Fee are lucky today it's Christmas" Sny says to Zuzu.
"Oh, please. You look awesome!" Zuzu exclaims trying to hold back her laughter and points at Rio as he was posing "See? Rio's having fun!"

"Oh, gosh" Yellow says "Why did you come as Yancy if you were going to turn back to Yuki?"
over a year ago vegeta007 said…
(Hopes it god! :D)
"Gimme dat!"Ataro jumped on Sny's head and took his Elf hat

"Why not ?"Yancy asked
over a year ago Nojida said…
(Oh it is! The only problem is that I ate breakfast half hour ago -_-)
"Gladly" Sny says.
Zuzu snatches the hat from Ataro "Don't touch the hat!" and puts it on Sny's head again.

"Of course" Yellow says with a sigh.
over a year ago vegeta007 said…
(Hmm, maybe you shouldn't have)
Ataro snatched the hat again "I found one outside but it stinks, just let me wear this til it doesn't"

"Yep"Yancy said "So do you want to enter ?"
over a year ago Nojida said…
(Well I woke up half hour ago and I was starving)
"You can wear it for as long as you want" Sny says.
"No worries!" Fee says appearing next to Sny and puts another Elf hat on his head "There!"

"Yeah let's go" Yellow says and walks in.
over a year ago vegeta007 said…
(I woke 3 hours ago, I was starving and the smell form the kitchen was in my room :P)
"See now everyone's gorgeous, except for Magia!"Ataro said

"Where's the Christmas music ?"Yancy asked hearing nothing
over a year ago Nojida said…
(Well I'm not the same as you :P)
"Whatcha mean?" Zuzu asks.

"Hmm..." Yellow says claping her hands and Last Christmas starts playing.
over a year ago vegeta007 said…
(We are similar though :P)
"Take a look, her underwear is showing"Ataro said pointing at Magia's back

"Oh yeah" Yancy clapped her hands and Love is Everything started playing
(Take a listen, it's really good)
over a year ago Nojida said…
(In a few ways)
"Oh my!" Zuzu exclaims as Sny and Rio try to hold back their laughter.
"What?" Magia asks noticing them and Zuzu points at her back "Hm?" she looks back and quickly pulls the skirt down blushing.

"Oh, it does sound good!" Yellow says.
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over a year ago vegeta007 said…
(Is it only a few ?)
"What's wrong ?"Red asked

"Yeah it does, I was looping it for an hour last night"Yancy said
over a year ago Nojida said…
(Dunno XP)
"Nothing, this is just too short!" Magia exclaims blushing.

"Well it did pay off" Yellow says.
over a year ago vegeta007 said…
(There's another XP)
"Then the lower the straps on your dress"Red said

"Yeah it did"Yancy said "I just wish I could listen to it now"
over a year ago Nojida said…
(Too many similarities XD)
"I did" Magia says pulling the skirt down.

"Why can't you?" Yellow asks.
over a year ago vegeta007 said…
(Yeah! XD)
"Here lemme try"Red said and lowered the straps around her shoulders

"I'm playing Injustice now"Yancy said "Hold on gotta kick the Flash's butt"
over a year ago Nojida said…
"Thanks" Magia says
"Wonder if I should wear one, too..." Fee says looking at the outfits.

"Who's butt?" Yellow asks.
over a year ago vegeta007 said…
"You're welcome"Red said
(Fee, that's Milotic right ?)
"Do you think you'll find one ?"Ataro asked

"Ever heard of DC super heroes ?"Yancy asked
over a year ago Nojida said…
Green, Chris and Sapphire walk in, all in their outfits.
"We're here~" Green says.
(Yeah X3)
"Maybe, this is a RP so it won't be that hard" Fee says.

"Nope" Yellow replies.
over a year ago vegeta007 said…
"So am I"Ruby said walking in, in his elf outfit
"True, ask Green maybe she has one"Ataro said

"Batman ? Superman ?"Yancy asked
over a year ago Nojida said…
"You look so funny" Sapphire says with a snicker.
"Let's see" Fee says and walk to Green "Do you have any outfits left?"
"Do you have any outfits left?"
"Do you need anything?"
"I said, do you ha- Aah, why do I even bother, you can't understand me"

"Ooh, yeah. Now I remember" Yellow says
over a year ago vegeta007 said…
Ataro tugged Green's dress

"Yeah well playing a game where I fight them"Yancy said
over a year ago Nojida said…
"What is it Ataro?" Green asks.

"I see" Yellow says "I think I've heard something about that game, but I'm not sure"

(g2g for lunch ;D)
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over a year ago vegeta007 said…
Ataro pointed to her dress and then to Fee

"It's called Injustice and I'm kickin butt"Yancy said

(Enjoy! :D)
over a year ago Nojida said…
"You like my dress, Fee?" Green asks and Fee nods "Why thank you!" Fee facetails.

"I see" Yellow says with a snicker.

(Man, that was delicious ^-^)
over a year ago vegeta007 said…
Ataro faceplamed and tugged her dress again

"While you were gone I finished the game and kicked Superman's sorry butt!"Yancy exclaimed

(I bet. Christmas lunches are always so yummtastic :D)
(Ever had one of these ?)
Ataro faceplamed and tugged her dress again

"While you were gone I finished the game and kicked Su
over a year ago Nojida said…
"What?" Green asks.

"I see" Yellow says "A few minutes ago I kicked the final Gym leader's butt and now I'm defeating some guys at the Victory Road"

(What's that again? XP)
over a year ago vegeta007 said…
Ataro pointed at her dress then at Fee, then pretended to put clothes on

"Cool, right now my ps3 is updating it'll take a while before I can play again"Yancy said

(The brown is delicious tart with crushed oreos as the base and is topped with a sweet chocolate cream and the white has a tennis biscuit bas and topped with regular cream and has a hint of lemon, it's really really good)
over a year ago Nojida said…
"You want to wear a dress?" Green asks and Fee nods relieved "But you're a Pokemon"
"I'm a milotic, that's why I'm gonna look amazignly awesome in it" Fee says.

"Okay, was Superman hard to beat?" Yellow asks.

(It does sound really really good)
over a year ago vegeta007 said…
Ataro jumped to the others "Why aren't you guy caroling ?"

"At first but once I got the low down on which combos to use he was pretty easy"Yancy replied

(It is)
over a year ago Nojida said…
"Just wait for it" Sny says while Zuzu and Rio are gone.

"Hm I see" Yellow says "Oh, there goes one Elite"

(I'm not sure if I have tasted one before, though)
over a year ago vegeta007 said…
"Where'd the other two go ?"Ataro asked

"Was it too easy ?"Yancy asked

(Well you should. In fact if I ever meet you I'll make you one)
over a year ago Nojida said…
"I honestly don't want to know" Sny says.
Zuzu and Rio suddenly appear in the middle of the lobby, with Zuzu holding a microphone and Rio an Electric Guitar.
"Is everyone ready?" Zuzu asks, with her voice sounding throughout the Pokemon Center. Rio starts playing the guitar and Zuzu starts singing loudly "OH, JINGLE BELLS, JINGLE BELLS, JINGLE ALL THE WAY!"

"It was easy because Phox was at level 71 and the Elite's Pokemon at level 65 or so" Yellow replies.

(Sweet X3)