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posted by Puncky_Girl
(the powerpuff girls were fighting the rowdyruff boys and professor was working at his new furniture. but in bad case it's become distroed and the portal was open wich lead to some diferend world-where the ppgz are. the ppgs went at home and sew the portal. they accidentaly fall in.)
buttercup:auch my head......
bubbles:w-wher we are?
blossom:i don't know but we better help that guy(looks at guy who's falling from big building. ppgz were flying in the ski and sew the powerpuff girls were helping that guy)
momoko:hey who are they?
kaoru:they'r doing our job
miyako:hey are the look like to some one?...
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posted by KaoruBlackstone
Today is school. I was tired, but I got up and got ready. As I left the apartment building, Katsou said hi and walked to school with me. We were talking about sports when there was a flash. When it was gone, we saw Himeko running and giggling.
"That little-!" I started to say, but Katsou told me to calm down so I don't go crazy. "Fine." I grumbled. When we reached school, everyone in homeroom went right up to us, asking if we were dating. "No, we aren't. Why would you think that?" They all pointed at Himeko, saying that she told them we were. If I weren't surrounded by everyone, I would've...
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posted by kaoru_buttercup
Miyako: thanks for bringing us here in our house

Boomer: no problem


*text message*

Boomer: owwhh.... kaoru said we'll stay here until she comes w/ butch

Brick: WHAT?!?!

Momoko: how sweet ^.^

Boomer: hey Miyako, do you think what I said is true? the text message?

Miyako: mmm... i dont think so.

Boomer: Its only a secret, k? its fake. it is not true. i just played the ringtone.

Miyako: WHAT?!?! why!!

Boomer: nothing

*door opens*

Miyako: Hey its kaoru!!

Momoko: Kaoru wheres butch?

Kaoru: wut r u talking about?

Momoko: Boomer said they will go home if u and butch were here already.

Kaoru: i didn't say that!?!

Momoko: mmm.. let me see *gets kaoru's cp and looking for the sent messages* hey there's nothing!

Brick: what!

MOmoko/Brick: BOOMER!!!?!?!

Boomer: k, sorry .. lets go home brick. oh Wait can I talk with miyako?
Miyako and Boomer
Miyako and Boomer
posted by KaoruBlackstone
Thank goodness it's a three day weekend! Today is Friday, which is awesome! I told Miyako, Butch, and Boomer to meet me at the old house in the woods so we can see if the compact bracelets I designed worked. Mine was dark green and hers was deep blue. Right now I'm waiting for them to come. Then I heard a sound.
"Yo, BC!" I saw the boys running towards me, both panting and wheezing.
"When I said to hurry, I didn't mean to try killing yourselves! You both are early."
"Sorry, we saw Blossom and freaked when she seen us. She was in hero form. Good thing she didn't follow, she just started laughing...
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posted by KaoruBlackstone
"I don't like who I am! Why does this happen to me!" I screamed. I was so upset that I ran from them both. My own friend, who I save the day with, hates me now. Then my belt started beeping.
"Buttercup!" I transformed. "What is it Poochie?"
"It's Him! He is at the lab! He wants to capture you!"
"I'll stop the ruckus, even if it means turning myself in. I'd do anything to protect my friends and the citizens of New Townsville!" I flew to the lab, happy to know that Poochie is still my friend.
"Stop it, Him! I thought that Blossom made it clear that you're not aloud to be here."
"Oh, my niece,...
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