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30 Day Pretty Little Liars Challenge!  Makeupdiva 4 3727 over a year ago
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Need Help! Flying to UK and wanted to download Pretty Little Liars from Amazon and save on my Laptop!  BeautySusi 1 7038 over a year ago
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Season 6 episodes 1-10  dylanwalker 3 7766 over a year ago
Guess The Quote ♥♥♥  Andressa_Weld 1937 144539 over a year ago
Not happy About Cece being A!!  AgyJude 0 12330 over a year ago
Healthy tips  sathy 0 4899 over a year ago
Who is BethAny Young's Killer Contest?  coolsinger198 6 5581 over a year ago
Marion Cavanaugh  Joeybean13 0 5178 over a year ago
Charackter Elimination (main charackters)  InLoveWithJesus 59 11257 over a year ago
Charackter Elimination (other charackters)  InLoveWithJesus 17 4868 over a year ago
PLL Time and Color Game  Darkangel6 22 5355 over a year ago
Favorite Male Character Game  hottie23 47 7646 over a year ago
Kiss, kill marry game  alemenmann 71 18340 over a year ago
Big A  kar216 0 4450 over a year ago
Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer GAME  Any_SJ 20 6180 over a year ago
Pretty Little Liars Survey!!  svgirl 27 9994 over a year ago
Everytime.... (Forum Game)  nikki8green6 22 5662 over a year ago
Last Letter Game  superstar_kk 81 11308 over a year ago
A is for Ali!!! ALI IS A!!!  taylorkorrin 0 4185 over a year ago
PLL Time Game  EastendersRox 29 7011 over a year ago
That's Amore - Tribute to Troian Bellisario  batman3 0 2843 over a year ago
Strange thing  luv4thestage 1 2778 over a year ago
Ezra and Aria (Better in Real Life?)  luv4thestage 2 3537 over a year ago
PLL Screencap editing contest  Darkangel6 2 3474 over a year ago
Aria bumped into Ezra before they met  KatiaM 1 3168 over a year ago
someone else with a character name?  spencerki 1 3236 over a year ago
Spot look change 2013  modernfan 8 3212 over a year ago
PLL Episode 10in10 Icon Contest [Round 22: Open - Deadline 11/30]  twilighter4evr 878 64326 over a year ago
Who has seen this?  kara431 0 3539 over a year ago
PLL Episode 10in10 Icon Contest [PREVIOUS RESULTS]  twilighter4evr 0 4881 over a year ago
Who Said This?/Guess this Quote  Alison7777 5 4185 over a year ago
Would You Rather  nikki8green6 21 7707 over a year ago
Vote for PLL in Television Without Pity's Tubey Awards!  thegoodfan27 0 4198 over a year ago
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Pretty Little Liars Boy Cast Contest. ★Round 1★  LittleGapper 9 7125 over a year ago
Pretty Little Lars you like which Girls??  tynerr 1 3261 over a year ago
Pretty Little Liars RolePlay  Rozey12 12 3557 over a year ago
Any Bryce/Det. Wilden fans out there?  DetWildenFan 0 5964 over a year ago
Pretty Little Liars 10in10 Icon Contest Round 5 (DEADLINE: May 7th)  brileyforever77 124 11226 over a year ago
You think Toby love Spencer  sexysportsbaby 4 5080 over a year ago
Watch Pretty Little Liars Online [HD]  lovetvonline 2 6402 over a year ago
CLOSED CONTEST  twilighter4evr 625 64104 over a year ago
Countdown to 7000 fans ♥  emmalouisee 68 6802 over a year ago
Corrupted Wish  nikki8green6 1 3308 over a year ago
Pretty Little Liars: Alison HAS a twin!  xoxotheig 0 4889 over a year ago
Do spencer and Toby look cute together  ollielovespll 0 3515 over a year ago
Is it just me or do they drink an insane amount of coffee on this show?  PLL12345 2 13602 over a year ago
Why Ezra Might Be A  youngpretedner 52 70293 over a year ago
who's A  orifab9979 3 6210 over a year ago
Pretty Little Liars Theme Song Contest  Katyb617 2 7022 over a year ago
Cast and Crew Swag  magicgenie89 0 2993 over a year ago
ღPLL Icon Contestღ  el0508 105 14245 over a year ago
A TEAM Do you agree?  FashionVictim 6 3835 over a year ago
Thoughts On Mid-Season 3 Finale...  SamanthaT 0 3405 over a year ago
Melissa can't be A / A - team THEORY (SPOILER ALERT)  Any_SJ 0 5873 over a year ago
Countdown 10.000 fans  InLoveWithJesus 15 4336 over a year ago
SPOILER ALERT! WILL BLOW YOUR MIND!  Katarathe1st 0 14566 over a year ago
PLL 5 in 5 icon contest NEW! [ROUND 10 - OPEN]  bbiatch 119 18214 over a year ago
Pics and Words  GoodWitchesRAJA 0 3993 over a year ago
A friendship as close as the liars :)  lexichristina 0 3270 over a year ago
- Rate the Pretty Little Liars Character Above You -  KarinaCullen 7 5461 over a year ago
CLOSED!!!  nessie-eska 55 9227 over a year ago
CLUES 3X02  barbie91lala 0 3848 over a year ago
Pretty Little Liars: The Complete Second Season on DVD  slb1205 0 4826 over a year ago
Potential Spoilers-Who is A  Hawkbelly 1 3787 over a year ago
Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Premieres Tonight!  slb1205 0 8127 over a year ago
Soundtrack of PLL Collection  InLoveWithJesus 0 4746 over a year ago
Mistakes  InLoveWithJesus 0 6897 over a year ago
РŁŁ 5 ιи 5 ι¢σи ¢σитєѕт.  Sakkara98 141 13141 over a year ago
Pll 5in5 icon contest (If you want to take care of this contest)  Sakkara98 1 4445 over a year ago
Pretty Little Liars Roleplay!  cateyxtwilight 10 5235 over a year ago
[Spoilers] Who is A?  lebronjames23 2 4446 over a year ago
A?  duncylovescourt 1 4093 over a year ago
Pretty Little Liars stills editing contest  kari91 6 4876 over a year ago
Best Couple Contest Results  butterfly995 4 5290 over a year ago
Favorite Character Game  superstar_kk 621 54223 over a year ago
Character Screencap Contest  kris10853 57 16325 over a year ago
Kiss Kill Marry Game  Me_Iz_Here 99 13402 over a year ago
Putting the peices together ****Spoiler***  critic4ever 1 5366 over a year ago
Best wallpaper contest round 1  MusicalLucyHale 0 3556 over a year ago
martintyson01  martintyson01 0 2998 over a year ago
Kicking game :)  nessie-eska 40 4844 over a year ago
Why im in love Pretty Little Liars  Alex215 0 3689 over a year ago
The best Pretty Little Liars Contest!<3  Any_TM 66 23608 over a year ago
Game A-Z  Myruna 17 7137 over a year ago
Favorite Pretty Little Couples And Why  HoltNLucy4Ever 0 2774 over a year ago
Favorite Couple Game :)  superstar_kk 263 25888 over a year ago
Pretty Little Liars Introduction Forum!  superstar_kk 73 10636 over a year ago
Song to describe Contest {Round Two: Alison DiLaurentis}  ChuckJenny4ever 10 7648 over a year ago
Who should join the girls' side?  Me_Iz_Here 3 2619 over a year ago
NEW SPOT LOOK [OPEN]  emmalouisee 13 3989 over a year ago
PLL Couples Icon Contest - Round 10 {Closed Until S2P2}  emmalouisee 106 15160 over a year ago
watch Pretty Little Liars Season 2, Episode 12 - Over My Dead Body  Wapapaka 0 3396 over a year ago
watch Pretty Little Liars Season 2, Episode 12 - Over My Dead Body  Wapapaka 0 3835 over a year ago
watch Pretty Little Liars Season 2, Episode 12 - Over My Dead Body  Wapapaka 0 3125 over a year ago
watch Pretty Little Liars Season 2, Episode 12 - Over My Dead Body  Wapapaka 0 5048 over a year ago