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posted by LisaForde
Here are my favourite princesses

1. Giselle(Enchanted)

What I like about this charcther?

Always so sure of herself and in love.

2. Anastasia(Anastasia 20th century fox)

What I like about her?

Hilarious and fiesty

3. Odette (Swan Princess New Line Cinema)

Very sweet like Giselle and optimistic

4. Belle(Beauty and the Beast)

She is my favourite because she is stubborn ,kind doesn't give a damn if the man she loved was ugly she liked the Beast for who he was.

5. Cinderella(Cinderella)

A dreamer

6.Snow White

Very sweet and fun

7. Pocahuntas

Very adventurous

8. Thumbelina(warner bros)

I'll add her as a princess