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posted by heather_penguin
private sat beside the window of the penguins HQ. he sighed as he stared at the shiny stars while sipping a love smoothie.

"why can't it be" he asked himself. he was thinking of one very special reindeer. her name was cupid. he had met her when they were stuck in Madagascar.

it was in Christmas time when Santa had bumped his head, and forgot who he was. they had to help Alex, Marty, Gloria, and Malvin in delivering presents. those reindeer were their north-pole enemies.

but he and cupid had wanted to be bi-polar. though he said that she had to go or there would be no Christmas.

he did want Christmas for everyone, but his Christmas wish had never come true

private whispered quietly to himself. "if i want anything for the new year, i want cupid back" he whispered. then he got up, and went to bed.
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