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The Big Breakup  Maxymuch466 0 672 over a year ago
Shawn and gus bobble head  Anthony1973 0 1709 over a year ago
Psych Mistakes  Councilman 30 25150 over a year ago
NBC Universal Psych Store  dunder51 0 2503 over a year ago
Is anyone sad about the death of Mr.Yang (A.K.A Ms. Rotmensen)  PsychLover1223 0 2686 over a year ago
gus needs to leave the show  nathan1234 35 37617 over a year ago
PSYCH COSTUMES for Halloween  HurtsBad 3 13465 over a year ago
Fall Finale...OMG!!!  geminigurl89 2 2577 over a year ago
What in Psych's sake is going on with the 8th season?!?!?!  psych545719018 0 1408 over a year ago
Shawn Takes a Shot in the Dark  Councilman 8 6441 over a year ago
Finally a Psych Soundboard for iPhone  inphect 0 4599 over a year ago
check out my questionnaire!!!  mdlahey 0 914 over a year ago
youbook, facetube  Biko 0 1559 over a year ago
Psych icon Contest {Gus, in the Episode of your choice}  80s-Gal 43 7370 over a year ago
new Psych commercial  yaz 0 8015 over a year ago
Psych online Seasons 1-5  kweeky 0 1816 over a year ago
next season??  otaku1bookworm2 3 1558 over a year ago
how to watch Psych online?  jianbell 0 3380 over a year ago
what episode was Gus dressed like Michael Jackson?  gusrocks86 2 34323 over a year ago
why we love gus!!  smvgirl1988 1 1554 over a year ago
Best Word To Describe Competition...  criminalminds15 2 9647 over a year ago
Elimination Game  smms 0 1243 over a year ago
Shawn & Jules / James & Maggie <a href="target="_blank"><img src="border=0 ></a>  Councilman 47 22177 over a year ago
Psych Fan Club  ninjafan 4 1826 over a year ago
Vote for Psych for TV Show of the Month  nolebaby25 2 1476 over a year ago
One, Maybe Two, Ways Out  Councilman 2 2243 over a year ago
Psych Icon Contest  psych-girl05 4 1950 over a year ago
ComicCon Panel  USANetwork 0 1679 over a year ago
New Season  radiostar 4 1448 over a year ago
Mr. Yin Presents  Councilman 2 2372 over a year ago
You can't handle this episode  Councilman 0 3859 over a year ago
Spelling Bee (Banana)  987iloveyou 0 3132 over a year ago
Let's Get Hairy  Councilman 3 2004 over a year ago
High Top Fade Out  Councilman 4 10207 over a year ago
Bollywood Homicide  Councilman 3 2988 over a year ago
Shawn Has the Yips  DalekSec 2 2143 over a year ago
The Devil is in the Details/Their Baaack  Councilman 4 1717 over a year ago
Psych Reviews  Caprica_T 0 1600 over a year ago
Binky!!!  radiostar 1 2210 over a year ago
High Noon-ish or Highly foolish?  Councilman 6 2966 over a year ago
Pineapple?  XpsychotickissX 14 9717 over a year ago
Is something different this season?  Councilman 3 2063 over a year ago
He Dead  radiostar 0 1467 over a year ago
Extradition: British Columbia/Season Opener  Councilman 6 3408 over a year ago
The Great Psych Contest Giveaway  StephaniePop 0 1220 over a year ago
Something needs to be done.  BondJBond 5 1010 over a year ago
How funny is shawn and gus!!  jojoplum 2 1299 over a year ago
Slogan/tagline thingy  DalekSec 6 1942 over a year ago
Season 4 is on the way Friday Aug. 7th  Councilman 2 832 over a year ago
The Finale "The Epilogue to An Evening with Mr. Yang"  Councilman 5 2217 over a year ago
Finale if you care.  Councilman 2 1247 over a year ago
Do YOU like to read new Story Lines and Ideas or complete stories?  Councilman 0 1014 over a year ago
Shawn and Jules "The Hook Up"  Councilman 4 17154 over a year ago
The Season May Be Over But Is That A Reason to Giveup on True Love  Councilman 2 1317 over a year ago
Shawn needs a car!  Councilman 2 11440 over a year ago
An Evening with Mr. Yang?  Councilman 1 1055 over a year ago
Ideas for the Episodes  Councilman 13 1462 over a year ago
Help me..  krazykray 2 1497 over a year ago
There can be more to Fanpop than first meets the Eye  Councilman 0 843 over a year ago
Deja Vu All Over Again or Parallax?  Councilman 7 1774 over a year ago
Will Trish Connors be coming back for Season 3 Premiere?  SloopDash 6 3148 over a year ago
Where are the Psych fans?  Councilman 19 1339 over a year ago
The true Mr.Yang finally divulged in this exclusive?  Councilman 2 1186 over a year ago
An Evening with Mr. Yang song question...  Digby 0 1313 over a year ago
Could Shawn have a worse Friend.  Councilman 8 1526 over a year ago
Tuesday the 17th  Councilman 6 3922 over a year ago
Season 3 finale  krazykray 0 1070 over a year ago
Psych hits crude low level below the belt.  Councilman 10 2057 over a year ago
Shawn & Jules! Could I have been wrong?  Councilman 3 1935 over a year ago
SBPD turns on Shawn?  Councilman 1 1272 over a year ago
New story line contest proposal  Councilman 4 1769 over a year ago
Sunglasses  Brin 1 5405 over a year ago
Shawn has more competition out there in TV Land.  Councilman 0 1046 over a year ago
Gus gets a Girl....  housediva 4 1237 over a year ago
Season 3  xXAmyzDuddXx 3 1562 over a year ago
Psych Outs!!  krazykray 3 1750 over a year ago
Theme Song  cressida 8 2119 over a year ago
THE DOORS SPOT!  megloveskyle 4 1585 over a year ago
Episode 14  Torra04 3 1552 over a year ago
Psych Returns!!!!  Phoenix315 2 1384 over a year ago
Psych S2E11  SloopDash 1 1819 over a year ago
Season 2 Cliffhanger  Phoenix315 3 1428 over a year ago
Season 2  nails18 2 1460 over a year ago
West Wing Connection  cressida 0 3715 over a year ago
Psych Season 1 new link  SloopDash 0 2000 over a year ago
Psych in Other Countries  cressida 3 1865 over a year ago
season 2 premiere  katharrine 0 1476 over a year ago