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Okay! Hi! I'm AzulaFanboi (A TOTAL NEWB) and thought I would start things off with a BANG and lay out how much of a FREAK I am. I am a pansexual male soooo... yeah this might get a little weird. lol
These men are just sexy to me and I NEED to share them with the world m'kay?
Also, I have an obsession with hair... so... yeah... be prepared for that.

P.S. Ya'll should totally check out my home-boy kataralover's article, which was totally my inspiration. Here is the link to his ranking of sexy men (although he calls his handsome). You may see some crossovers! XD

100.    Shunsuke Daito: Second best thing in the live action Ouran High School Host Club series...
99. Mitchel Musso: He's like a little kitten... I just want to take him home...
98. Yuri Lowenthal: You're voice sir... You're voice.
97. Brian Kelley: Uhhhhhhhhhh Florida-Georgia Line is my JAM!
96. Jamie Dornan: He is totally my Christian!
95. Donny Osmond: HIS VOICE! I loved him in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat.
94. Jensen Ackles: DEAN! Uhhh you are too pretty for words...
93. Kellan Lutz: Hello muscles... I mean Emmett...
92. John Lennon: Fricken Genius...
91. Elvis Presley: Oh Elvis, Elvis Please, Keep your Pelvis CLOSE to me!
90. Skrillex: ... I love his music...
89. Ansel Elgort: You made me cry you beautiful, beautiful man!
88. Mark Ruffalo: Hulk out on me anytime babe!
87. Darren Criss: Hnnng... I want to fricken run my hands through his hair!!!!
86. Mark Edward Fischbach AKA Markiplier: He's my fricken spiritanimal...
85. Marlon Brando: A total classic here. Loved him in A Streetcar Named Desire

84. Tom Felton: Hi Draco!
83. Henry Cavill: You can sweep me off my feat anytime Superman...
82. Michael Crawford: Gawd his VOICE!!!!
81. Stephen Colbert: I love a man with a sense of humor!
80. Theo James: Sorry Four, but you only made it to 80. XD
79. Dylan O’Brien: AHhhh He's so cute! He TOTALLY Should have been Spiderman!!!
78. Ben Barnes: hehehe His Caspian...
77. Tyler Hubbard: *drools* His hair....
76. Misha Collins: This man's sense of humor is fabulous! I always have fun doing the GishWIshes! XD

75. Chris Hemsworth: Hnnng, Hi Thor!
73. Godfrey Gao; Oh hi Magnus!
72. Joel Madden: Sing to me baby!
71. Ian Somerhalder: Uhhhhh his eyes!
70. John Legend: Uhh His voice is like liquid velvet!
69. Jared Padalecki: Hnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng... I... I can't... Too beautiful...
68. Miles Teller: Uhhh, Yas! Love this man!
67. Eugene Lee Yang from BuzzFeed: Hnnnnng, I watch the try guys just so I can listen to this man talk. I love the sound of his voice.

66. Humphrey Bogart: Huuuu, Oldie but a goodie!
65. Shawn Mendes: I don't care if you're trying to replace JBebs! I think you are adorable!
64. Alberto Rosende: Oh hi Simon! XD He's so cute!
63. James Dean: Uhh your style was God's gift to man kind. No one looks bad if they dress like James Dean...
62. John F. Kennedy: I have a thing for men in power... ;)
61. Jake Gyllenhaal: Uhhhhh, hmm? What? Sorry I got lost in this man's eyes for a second, what was I saying?
60. Alan Rickman: *CRIES* *sniffle* You are a beautiful man that will live on forever in my heart!
59. Corbin Bleu: HSM and FLight 29 Down are fricking amazing!
58. Billy Ray Cyrus: Don't break my achy breaky heart!

57. Arnold Schwarzenegger: Hnnng... I love your muscles! Terminate me anytime babe. ;)
56. Harry Styles: *sigh* You, sir, must be a puppy in disguise...
55. Taylor Lautner: Hello muscles-I mean Jacob...
54. Colin Morgan: Mer-lin! I just want to hug him and bath in his accent... That sounded better in my head...
53. John Stamos: I can't wait for Fuller House! *sqeals*
52. Gerard Way: I'd love to join your Black Parade!
51. Liam Hemsworth: Hmmm Hi Gale. :)
50. Rupert Grint: Uhhh his HAIR! I want to touch it!
49. Ryan Seacrest: Only reason I've been watching American Idol since Simon left...

48. Ramin Karimloo: HIS VOICE!
47. Joe Jonas: Hnnng. Everyone loves at least ONE Jonas Brother.
46. Alexander Hamilton: Ohhmagawd this music is my life! The sass and brilliance of this man amazes me to no end!
45. G-Dragon: He's from the K-Pop group Big Bang. Check them out. He looks awesome with no shirt. XD
44. Dominic Sherwood: Oh hello Jace! XD ohhmagawd his EYES though! I love heterochromia!
43. Aaron Tveit: Guys, have you watched Grease Live yet? This man is amazing!
42. Jackson Rathbone: Hnnnnng, That episode of Criminal Minds made me fall in love with this man hardcore... then I re-watched Twilight and he just took my breath away.
41. Jason Isaacs: Malfoy Sr. You beautifully horrible man!
40. Francois Arnaud: Everyone NEEDS to go watch the Borgias right now. Uhhhh all he wears is leather pants and cod-pieces.

39. Harry Shum, Jr.: Hello other Magnus! And Matt Chang from Glee!
38. Simon Cowell: You beautiful critical man you!
37. Isaiah Mustafa: He's the werewolf your man can smell like! XD
36. Rob Pattinson: Uhhhg I'm such Twilight trash... I LOVE THIS MAN!
35. Heath Ledger: RIP you amazingly beautiful man!
34. Eddie Redmayne: Les Mis anyone? He was fricken amazing in that!
33. Jared Leto: Is there anything this man can't do? Sing, act, looking beautiful. I bet he has a sweet hidden talent like being an expert at the French Horn or something...
32. Brendon Urie: Have you guys watched the girls/girls/boys music video? Go do that now. You're welcome. :)
31. Elijah Wood: Frodo my love! I'll carry you up the volcano!

30. Mario Lopez: This man doesn't age, I swear!
29. Logan Lerman: Uhhhh look at his sweet FACE! I just want to put him in my pocket! *hug*
28. Mick Jagger: I'm with Ke$ha on this one... No one has Swagger like Mick Jagger.
27. Chris Evans: Genetically enhanced super soldier indeed! He can turn my flame on! Uhhg I'm sorry about all these puns... (no I'm not)
26. Prince William of England: Hehe, I'd like to party with this guy!
25. Ryan Ross: Humana-humana fave member of P!ATD... I want to touch his HAIR! He cut it a while ago... it made me sad...
24. Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg AKA Pewdiepie: This beautiful man is my fricken spirit animal! PROUD MEMBER OF THE BRO ARMY RIGHT HERE!
23. Adam Lambert: He's giving me quite the fever!
22. Colin Farrell: That Alexander movie... Uhhg, he can be my king of Macedon any time... As long as he wears that outfit...
21. Jim Morrison: *drools* Hnnnnnnnnng... I love this man. Absolutely BAMF!

20. Mark Hamill: He was cute in Star Wars. He was fan-fricken-tastic as the Joker!
19. Jeremy Irons: Pope Scar is my nick-name for him. Uhhhhg. His. VOICE!
18. Yusuke Yamamoto: The best part of the Live Action Ouran Hischool Host Club show!!!!
17. Logan Henderson: BTR is my major guilty pleasure... and so is this man.
16. TaeYang from Big Bang: hnnnnnnnng... Yas.

15.    Barack Obama: This man is amazing. His threshold for stupidity is unmatched!
14.    Zac Efron: C'mon... You all cannot tell me that youdidn't have at least a tiny crush on him in HSM!
13.    John Travolta: Shhh I forgive you for Battlefield Earth you beautiful man.
12.    Shia LeBeouf: ... Holes introduced me to this man... Its still one of my fave movies EVER because of this cutie!
11.    Paul McCartney: My fave Beatle for a REASON! Maxwell's Silver Hammer all the WAY!


10. Rupert Brooke:
Handsomest man in England indeed! Uhhhhhhg, I love this man! His poetry is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! And his letters between him and his friend James Strachey are fricking fun and beautiful to read! HE DIED TOO SOON!

9. David Bowie:
*CRIES* LABRYINTH WAS MY CHILDHOOD!! God this man was sexy. *sniffle* We all shall miss is tremendous musical talent and the blatant sexual tension between him and Mic Jagger. RIP you magnificent man!

8. Oscar Wilde:
If you have never heard of this man you are uncultured swine and need to look up either the Picture of Dorian Grey or The Importance of being Earnest RIGHT NOW AND EDUCATE YOURSELVES!!
*ehhem*... Yes, this man is a fricking GENIUS! His poetry is beautiful and uhhhhg I can't EVEN! This man is as beautiful as the things he writes! And that hat! That's one sexy hat.

7. Josh Hutcherson:
Gosh, Josh Hutcherson is adorkable. Uhhhh Why did it take everyone so long to realize your true beauty? *hugs*

6. Jamie Campbell Bower:
Hello other Jace! I don't care if he looks like a heroine addict I think he's beautiful! I feel in love the moment he said "artifice" in the Breaking Dawn movie! Uhhhhg then the CoB movie... mmmmmm...

5. Ray Davies:
The sass of this man. Uhhhg I want to touch his HAIR! *grabby hands*
I am a HUMUNGASARUS fan of the Kinks and I just can't help it! I love Ray! He's another fricking genius! Just go and listen to some of their music, specifically Lola, Wonderboy and [Art Lover[/I] (those are my favorites).

4. Jason Derulo:
You can talk dirty to me anytime lovey... I'll even Wiggle if you want me to. XD
Okay, I'm sorry, I'm done now. >.<

3. Justin Bieber:
... STOP JUDGING ME! I CAN FEEL YOU JUDGING ME! I can't help it! He just grew up nicely... Physically, obviously not personally. AND you know what, his music HAS gotten MUCH better. :P

2. Dave Davies:
Who knew hotness ran in the family? XD
Uhhhhhhg he's so fricking amazing! He's a beautiful and pure spirit trapped in the body of a minx! I read his biography annually and I fall in love every time! >.<


1. Daniel Radcliffe:
My trump card in Cards Against Humanity is "Daniel Radcliffe's delicious asshole."
This man is amazing! I... I just can't express my love of this sexy man... That picture of him in Equus though...

Well, there it is... now you all know what kind of weirdo I am...
I almost regret making this thing...
NAHHHH, You guys'll be nice to me!
Thanks for suffering through my insanity for a little while!
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