Re:Zero Why Subaru dont hate the most people ?

Tobi48 posted on Dec 12, 2020 at 11:58PM
I absolutly dont understand it. Subaru get killed or caugt and tortured so many times but he dont hate them. At example Rem. She funcking killed him so often only becouse she thought he could be a thread. Not even knowing whether he really is... I understand why she did it and she get better at the time but I never could see a person who killed me or tortured me with the same eyes, no matter how friendly they are after this... Not that he shall hate her but not even something mixed feelings I just am not able to understand.
Or Garfiel. He just is an Asshole. I just say it like it is. He caught him three days in a cell and why ? hell just becouse he is an absolute asshole. He killed Otto and the Villagers. But no nethertheless he will will be a friend of Subaru in the future. Just becouse he had a tragic past??? I could laugh about his past. And Subaru can laugh about his past even more. this is not considered to be a training. But sure the Protagonist forgive him. And become his friend.
Hell I just cant understand this. I never could trust or be a friend of such a guy.

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