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posted by zikkifan4ever
No one has done this yet so I thought I would(:

Zikki episodes:
The Camera Never Lies (1x10)

Bad Moon Rising (1x18)

Hook Line And Sinker (1x20)

Red Herring (1x21)

Fish Out Of Water (1x22)

In Too Deep (1x23)

Love Potion #9 (1x24)

The One That Got Away (2x03)

Wrong Side Of The Tracks (2x08)

In Over Our Heads (2x11)

Three's Company (2x24)

The Awakening (3x01)

Valentine's Day (3x04)

That's all! I know.... Season 3 isn't the best Zikki season... There should've been more Zikki in season 3.
posted by popularke
they love each because the hated each other at first love at first sight !!!!!!!!!! :)Ok you know rikki and zane are like a couple blahblahblah right ? Good. Then list all the episodes that include rikki and zane.. From like they;re dates and all they;re events TOGETHER ! Don;t get me episodes with only rikki.. i need them to be together in that episode.. Also i;m looking for that episode of miriam kissing zane and making rikki jealous . Please heelp me ! I;ll lub you forever ![: <333
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