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Riley in Bella's Room
Riley in Bella's Room
The large, burly dude stepped forward in an attempt to put more power behind his punch. I watched his slow reflexes in amusment - well, compared to me, that is. His punch seemed to launch towards me in slow motion and, without much effort at all, I moved my head slightly to the right and watched his fist fly by. I rolled my eyes and, with lightning-quick speed, grabbed his throat and threw him against the wall. The other two stared in confounded amazement as their leader hit the brick building with a thud. I turned my gaze on them and, with a fierce glare, dared them to make a move.
The blond...
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Riley Biers
Riley Biers
I stared down at the poor victim of our latest crime. He was screaming in agony and it put my teeth on edge. Hearing his pain was bringing back the muddled memories of my unfortunate end. Well... It was unfortunate in a way... I'm not allowed to see my family or friends anymore... But, I did gain something... Victoria.
Speaking of which, I gazed over at her. Her face was expressionless, so it was hard to tell what her thoughts were at the moment. Was she feeling regret? Sadness? Happiness? Is what she's feelings now, what she felt when I was being changed...?
I could stand here questioning...
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Biographical information

■October 8, 1986, Santa Fe, New Mexico (book)
■April 10, 1990, Forks, Washington (movie)

■April 15, 2005, age 18 (book)
■2009, age 19 (movie)

Created by Victoria

June 15, 2006 (by Seth Clearwater)

Physical description



■6'3" (book)
■5'9" (movie)

Hair color
■Blond (book)
■Dark blond (movie)

Eye color
■Brown (human - movie)
■Scarlet red
■Black (when thirsty)

Skin color

Family information

Family members
■Victoria (so-called-mate)
■Nancy Biers (Mother)
■Unknown father
■Unnamed older sister
■Unnamed younger brother
■Seattle newborn army (pawns)

Special characteristics

■Basic vampire powers
■Self control


■Seattle newborn army
My eyebrows pulled together in confusion. "Yellow eyes?" I asked, "What do you mean?"
She sighed. "Riley, there are many things that you need to learn as a newborn, and one of them is that we have an enemy here in Seattle. They're not here anymore, but they're still considered a threat."
"How are they a threat? What possible threat do they pose?" I questioned.
"Let me explain, Riley. The yellow eyes have a name - the Cullens. They're one large coven of seven but they are not like other vampires. Some of them possess very special abilities and that's what makes them a threat. They're a selfish...
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posted by Aimee147
Riley Biers was the first vampire created by Victoria when she formed an army to attack the Cullen family and Bella. He obtained Bella's scent for the newborns, and was the one that led the Seattle newborn army. Riley was told by Victoria that she loved him, but this was just a lie to get him to be on her side. During the invasion, he stayed with Victoria and was killed by Seth Clearwater during the battle between the Cullens and the army. He acted as the secondary antagonist in Eclipse and was always in the presence of his "mate", Victoria, the main antagonist of both New Moon and Eclipse....
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posted by ILoveKingMickey
Riley as a Human
Riley as a Human
I looked at the paper in front of me. My mind was drawing a huge blank - with a capital "B." I rubbed my eyes tiredly. What time was it? I stole a glance at the clock. Ugh... 3:47am? I threw my pencil down on my desk in frustration. I could hear my colleague snoring so very loudly that I thought I might just smother his face with a pillow.
I sighed and looked out the window. How was I supposed to write a whole sociology term paper in less than two days? I guess that's what I get for putting it off this late. I looked at the clock again, and I was tempted to climb into bed and fall asleep like...
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Riley (Vampire)
Riley (Vampire)
I lay there - transfixed, and in a bit of a daze. My eyes were closed, though the fire that once overwhelmed me was gone. I felt this odd sensation that I had never felt before. I felt... Stronger. I heard many cars, dripping water, people talking on their cell phones, bugs scuttling up the walls. Everything was so clear.
The people I could hear was quite a distance away. I wondered at how I came to know that. Was I ever able to do that before - judge ultimate distances with hearing alone? I wasn't sure. Actually... What happened to me in the last few hours? All I could remember was... That...
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