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Here's a review I just read on the Bisexuality Examiner that talks about Rob Pattinson in living detail where he is nearly fully nude and does some hot gay kissing scenes. There are photos and a video of LITTLE ASHES too. See here:


or just here


Some excerpts are:

Because this is what the fans want to know, here's a breakdown of Rob's parts in the movie.

* His first appearance gets a laugh, as he exits his car in a foppish outfit with ruffles and a page-boy hairdo.

* His first drunken outing has him splashing a drink on a girl's breast and he tries to wipe it off.

* Dali's friend, the filmmaker...
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Robert Pattinson has compared filming sex scenes to "doing Twister".

The 24-year-old British actor is best known for his role as romantic vampire Edward Cullen in the hit movie franchise Twilight, adapted from the novels of Stephenie Meyer. Pattinson has shot some steamy sequences with his Twilight co-star and real-life girlfriend Kristen Stewart, and the raunchiest are still to come in the upcoming Breaking Dawn - Part 1 which is set for release later this year.

So far in his career the hunk has filmed romantic sequences with beautiful stars such as Uma Thurman in Bel Ami - which is released...
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LOL,I read this in one article :
"Winning the 13th Cycle of America's Next Top Model didn't really change Nicole Fox all that much, because she still remains as awkward as ever. Especially when stumbling upon stars like Robert Pattinson. Caught backstage, Hollywood hotshot a few steps away, what would Bloody Eyeball do?

The CW Source cites a news report from E! Online with this answer: she just bowed her head and walked away. Well, we couldn't possibly expect the dorky redhead to squeal in delight.

Petite model Nicole Fox had just made an appearance at Regis & Kelly when she went behind the...
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