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Literati 2500 Fans Countdown!  georgiapeach91 97 5773 over a year ago
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Favorite Moment  georgiapeach91 12 1382 over a year ago
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Was Jess’s jealousy justified?  Not_there 4 818 over a year ago
How would you like it to end?  LiteratiLove 0 976 over a year ago
What is so special about Literati?  LiteratiLove 0 613 over a year ago
Together!!!  RORYnJESSfan 9 784 over a year ago
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Just a thought  unfair_love 0 510 over a year ago
Literati?  Kirsty 4 7013 over a year ago
I am sorry to anounce  unfair_love 3 829 over a year ago
icon change  unfair_love 5 743 over a year ago
The Poem  Gilmore_Lover 2 1103 over a year ago
what is that video?  unfair_love 1 792 over a year ago
Pulling a Rory  unfair_love 4 1159 over a year ago
TV Movie  caiti21 4 563 over a year ago
what are the chances?  unfair_love 3 751 over a year ago
always  unfair_love 4 710 over a year ago
Write A Mini Series!?!  unfair_love 11 748 over a year ago
Banner  georgiapeach91 6 998 over a year ago