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MatthewOrtiz posted on Jun 07, 2018 at 05:01PM
Roseanne don't apologize for being who you are opionated outspoken American comedian everyone and I mean all of us are guilty of having a laugh or 2 at ourselves meaning flaws gender sexual orientation religion and race amongst our piers in private anyone who doesn't see the humor in life has a bigger problem deeper problem with themselves and never viewed you as nothing but a fun loving women that's larger than life with endless love care and dignity to share with all mankind I love you Roseanne just when we thought we had you back someone had to make you feel less than to feel better about themselves...god bless you

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over a year ago gypsypiecons9 said…
big smile
Right there with you, Matthew Ortiz! Well said. I also am a huge Roseanne Barr fan. Everyone needs to lighten up and enjoy life. Roseanne Barr is not a hateful person. She shouldn't have said it but there you go. I think what the world needs right now is more humor, thicker skin and less judgement of each other. Seems everyone is walking around with a chip on their shoulder just hoping somebody will knock it off.
Conservative1 commented…
Same here. While I don’t like the comment, I understand the situation. She is a comedian, not a a hateful racist. Unfortunately, the most widespread public arenas are monopolized by liberals. Roseanne is getting significant backlash because her joke was “against the wrong side” as far as Hollywood and media is concerned. She would have received the same backlash even if she called that same person a c*nt. I want Roseanne to unserstand that there loads of people out there who do support her but have no real forum to make it massively public. I wish people would lighten up and put some real thought and reason when evaluating is something is truly racists, sexist, etc. What is really scary about this whole thing is if she would have made the exact same joke about Trump, anyone in Trump’s family or anyone on the conservative ticket regardless of color, the outcome would have been very different. It really would have been dismissed as a simple joke that a comedian made. over a year ago