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Fans  hdahmen2 1 4108 over a year ago
Ross Lynch+Grace Phipps  hdahmen2 0 4277 over a year ago
don't know  Elysialynch 0 4556 over a year ago
Ross might meet  cuteyross 1 3930 over a year ago
want to be friends  heatwave876 1 4680 over a year ago
whats up with ross?  madelynn101 0 2828 over a year ago
Ross LYNCH  Lana718 1 2837 over a year ago
i want to be dance just like you  heatwave876 1 2483 over a year ago
MY FAV SONG THAT ROSS LYICH SANG!!!!!  gossipqueen123 1 2631 over a year ago
Ross lynch  r505 0 2653 over a year ago
ross lynch  azalfanoor01 0 2039 over a year ago
my idol  mrslynchhere 1 2632 over a year ago
Win his heart the easy way  ripper124 0 3254 over a year ago
Ross Lynch  sports2126 0 2380 over a year ago
Ross Lynch answers?  Henrik123 1 2654 over a year ago
Ross Lynch in Austin and Ally  skondratenko 0 3083 over a year ago
Ross being himself  dchopsey 1 3048 over a year ago
Want to meet him I am dying to be a friend of his  BV2001 1 2918 over a year ago
cool  lovinyallequal 1 3538 over a year ago
Most Confident  dchopsey 1 3384 over a year ago
who's better  Constancio16 4 4090 over a year ago
Best Dancer  dchopsey 1 3996 over a year ago
Best singer ever  ripper124 4 7949 over a year ago
my love  mhayden 0 3946 over a year ago
Ross is the hottest guy  ripper124 5 3551 over a year ago
Ross is the hottest guy  ripper124 0 3602 over a year ago