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Previslly(sorry if that word was wrong)..............
pro. utonium was telling them about his friend
and this portal.Finally they went through this
portal of his.They all woke up on twilight's bed
all under tiny little baby pony blankets.They
all woke up to small whispers.Just then
twilight was coming in with sweet tea with spike
too.When twilight came in, fluttershy told her
that she saw them move.Then brick yawns and opens his eyes.Then brick sees twi("twi"is a
nick name for twilight) and he gulps and says
please don't hurt me.
One day the ppg and rrb were mixing stuff in
pro.utonium's with his permission.And then they cleaned it all up, they all went to the ppg's room.
There they all cleaned up the room.Brick was
cleaning the mirror because it had a spot on it.
He was finished before you could say "cherry
blossom".Then the professor called all of them
to the lab. On the way down to the lab blossom
sang "gpsy bard" really really fast.Pro. utonium
told them they were going to vist a friend of his
through this portal.
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The Rowdyruff boys were playing football when three boys came crashing down from the sky BUTCH: Oh God not the rowdyrock boys BANDIT: Yah it's us you stupid red head! BRICK: Hey! BULLET: Hey Butch Burnt your Hair? BUTCH: Hey thats not nice! BAILIT: Hey you stupid blonde BOOMER: Hey! BANDIT: Well boys you know what i'm going to do don't you? BULLET: Yeah BAILET: Yeah BANDIT: [picks up sharp metal peice and throws at bricks head] [Hits Bricks head causing him to get knocked out cold]BOOMER: Brick? BUTCH: He got knocked out cold thats all UH OH. MOM!! BANDIT: Boys we better leave. MOM: Butch what happend? BUTCH: Oh the rowdyrock boys knocked out brick BOOMER: Brick dosen't look too good MOM: Oh we gotta take brick to the hospital LOOK FOR PART 2
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