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Here's to 2010!!!:D

Previously on Ch.47:

I gently pulled her chin so she would face me. She took in a deep breath before gazing into my eyes.
Something happened because they grew impossibly softer to where it actually seemed as if they were sparkly.
"I love you Edward."

Now, Ch.48:

I love you Edward, I love you Edward, I love you Edward. . . I recited in my mind over and over.
Did she really just say that?
I was momentarily shocked by her confession so she continued.
"See, I've always had this feeling when I'm around you. . . but I didn't know what it was, because I've never experienced anything like...
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Previously on Ch.6:

"Alice?" I gasped, sure I was still dreaming, but my dreams rarely included Alice, who had been like the sister I never had.
"Surprise, surprise!" she grinned her familiar grin at me while I stared at her in shock, wondering if this was really real or not.

Now, Ch.7:

She took and hugged me fiercely, which I returned after a few seconds of my momentary shock.
"Oh, Bella! I missed you so much! I'm so happy to see you again after all this time!" she rambled on and on, and if vampires could cry, she would have probably already soaked the shirt I was wearing....
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Undying Love
Undying Love
Wow, just wanna say... Thx so much for all of your ratings and comments!!! ^_^

*Brook's POV*

By the time I reached the village, everyone was already gathered around and filling their plates with today's hunt.
I rushed into my house and placed the basket of herbs in the kitchen where Linda and I mend through them.
I swiftly rushed back out and stood in line behind Aunt Linda.
"How was your day Brook?" Linda asked me.
"It was great! How was your day aunt Linda?" I spoke, hoping that my voice and face would not portray what really happened.
"Oh," she sighed grumpily, shaking her head,"the line at the...
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I dedicate this one to miley13! Love ya hon!!!:)

I've been wearing my new white cloak that my new family made for me almost everyday. Well, not to school at least. I just loved it because it brought back so many memories. . .
I sighed. Good and bad memories. . . it was a win-win I guess.
I was sitting in Biology, bored, since Edward wasn't here beside me. It was a rare sunny day in Forks, and while all were enjoying the warmth that doesn't shine here too often, I can say I felt the opposite. Because the Cullens were vampires they had to stay within their house to avoid being seen by the human...
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So... as promised... here's a long chapter of UL! AND it's in Alexis's POV!!! Don't you just love me? Enjoy! ^_^

*Alexis's POV

Everyone went off to their rooms as dusk approached us.
I went to my dad's quarters since mom went out with a couple of our other brothers and sisters to gather groceries. When I say our other brothers and sisters, I'm talking about the ones not born of Scarlet blood, but by Scarlet venom. And let's just say that they loathe us, which is really jealously of mine, Karim's, Alfred's, and Jackson's bloodline. . . our Highborn quality. So we really just stay away from each...
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A new story that I've been working on for the past few weeks, I hope you all like it! It takes place in New Moon slightly after Bella has already found out that Jacob is a werewolf and before she jumped off the cliff. :P Enjoy!

*Bella's POV*

I was scrubbing down the place before I headed over to Emily's house to help prepare a meal for our werewolves: Jacob, Sam, Embry, Jared, and Paul. I was officially a wolf girl now.
The only time I ever thought of . . . them was when I heard his - Edward's - soft, velvet voice in my head when I was in perpetual danger, or just doing something reckless and...
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Okay, so I know it's been awhile so how about an extra long one? Enjoy! ^_^

*Edward's POV*

I slowly opened the door and my gaze ultimately found her.
Even though months have passed since I last saw her, she was still the most beautiful, angelic creature to have ever existed. But it seems as though she hasn't been eating very much because she was definitely thinner. And her once transculent-like skin was significantly paler, her chestnut brown hair was still the same, thankfully. But her eyes . . . her once beautifully warm, and full of so many emotions brown eyes seemed as if they were clouded...
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So sorry that this came out later than I intended, it's just this week has been hectic for me.... my great grandma passed away and I had the funeral and didn't feel like writing much.... THEN I had to plan a party (yea, my life gets weird and random sometimes) SO, I was busy, but hopefully now I'll be able to write more! I dedicate this chap to i-luv-jazz-hale! ^_^

Previously on Ch.51:

"And then?"
She shrugged.
"Then we just pretend to think it over and then say "okay", and let them off the hook."
Wow, I liked this idea already, surprisingly.
I smiled with her.
"Let's do it."
She giggled.
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Okay, wow! Thx bunches for everyones comments on Starlight! I'll post up a chapter of that tonight ^_^ Right now, it's DNE time!

"No Bella! You can't leave; what about our shopping trip?" Alice said quickly.
Bella sighed, and got off the bed.
"Trust me, becoming close to me is very dangerous. I wouldn't advise my staying any longer."
And with that, she began making her way to the door, and I had to stop her. I flashed in front of her and she halted to a stop and looked me square in the eye.
"Please Bella, don't leave," I whimpered out, almost begging her to stay.
"I must go. If you find out all the...
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Hope you all enjoy this! This is Edward's POV of the last chapter! ^_^

*Edward's POV*

All my thoughts were of one person, Bella.
As I sat in the cafeteria with my siblings, I couldn't help but fantasize a bit. After all, these feelings were rapidly growing with each passing second.
I use to sit in this very spot day after meaningless day, with no changes in my eternal life.
But then Bella Swan came into my life and turned my entire world upside down. She was my world, she was slowly bringing me to life, awakening the long-buried-deep humanity within me.
I wanted to tell her of my new profound love...
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Thanks to all my fans who are reading this, love you guys!

*Bella's POV*

The school day really flew by - but of course that's time for you. Always rushing by.
I was the complete center of attention today,- something I do not enjoy, but have grown use to over the millenniums - and I've become 'friends' with a couple of boy's named Mike, Eric, Tyler, and Ben. And two girl's named Jessica and Angela.
One girl, Jessica, invited me to sit with them at their lunch table - well, at least I won't be sitting alone. . .
And then I smelled them. Five vampires were sitting in the lunchroom in front of me. Normally...
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Read, comment, and rate please! Thanks bunches! ^_^ Enjoy!

Previously on Ch.3:

"Why?" I asked, shaking my head at the thought of anyone or anything feeling concerned for me.
Then the poison and blood loss really got to me. I dropped one of my daggers to the snow-covered ground and tried to hold my head up with my hand while I groaned at the intense pain and drowsiness the poison was causing.
"Please let us help you!" The black-haired female spoke again, she was anxious about my health. Vampires wanted to help me? Wanted to take care of me? Why?
I nodded my head automatically as I doubled over and...
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I am so sorry that I didn't write yesterday! I was super busy and I had writer's block!:(

*Karim's POV*

I was laying on my bed in my room, staring distantly at the tall ceiling.
I missed everything about her. . . Her soft, marvelous olive skin that heated me with every touch. . . Her silky, and vibrant black as midnight hair. . . And her chestnut brown eyes that captivated me so entirely. I could still hear the husky tenor of her beautiful voice. . . her tinkling, contagious laughter that always seemed to make me smile. . .
Suddenly there was a knock on my door and I rose up to answer it. Before...
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Okay, so this is the beginning of a LOT of things.... So plz enjoy! ^_^

*Bella's POV*

It was like one of those inescapable dreams you can't bring yourself to wake up from.
And what was strange about this dream was the fact that I was in a white room. Damn, I really must be insane. I mean, c'mon! A white room? But this room was endless, their were no boundaries; their were walls and corners, but I was afraid to venture around those corners, afraid of what I might find locked away in my mind . . .
But this was my crazy dream, and I had to do something. So I walked until I made it to the corner, by...
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You'll see why I named this chapter "Shopaholic." ^_^

We all went to school like normal, well, except now we're all pretty much inseparable and I sit with them at lunch.
And it was on Friday, at lunch, that Alice decided to broach the subject of tomorrow's shopping trip. Everyone but Alice, Edward, Carlisle, and Esme took off to start the weekend early for their hunting trip. Esme felt content enough to stay, and wherever Esme is, Carlisle is, they were soulmates that always made me smile. Alice REALLY wanted to stay and shop, and Edward. . . well, um. . . I guess just really wanted to stay.
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Okay, so project officially over, and now, hopefully, I'll be able to write more for you guys! Enjoy! ^_^

*Brook's POV*

When everyone was well asleep, I creeped out of my home and quietly ran out of the village. I ran through the dark ravine pass and through the ever-deepening woods and finally made it to the bank.
When it came in view, so too did the beautiful vampire man whom I only met a few hours ago.
His pale white skin reflected the pale moonlight of the half-quarter moon.
As I crossed over to him, he smiled his beautiful full-faced smile that was quickly becoming my favorite thing to see...
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Here's Ch.55! Thx for all of your comments! And this one is for joe-edwardfan! Love you hon!!!

I stumbled when it seemed I had just popped out of nowhere beside my brothers.
Everyone was shouting my name in relief.
Dude! Where'd ya go? Emmett thought and I looked at him questioningly.
You just vanished into thin air and then popped back here beside me and Jasper when you WERE way over there! Is there some secret power you didn't tell us about or something?
I shook my head and looked around and gasped.
The dragon was in the air struggling with something, something that was tearing it limb from limb....
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Undying Love
Undying Love
Thx bunches for all your ratings and comments on the Preface!!! ^_^ So the reason why I have a pic of red tulips is because red tulips stand for undying love, so I'm gonna try and have a pic of red tulips on every chapter! ^_^

In this world, there are two distinct 'worlds.'
There is the human world, where the normal mortals reside.
And then there is the monster world, where many creatures reside, and of the two monsters, vampires and werewolves - two powerful immortal creatures - rain supreme.
When vampires first started arising millenniums ago, the werewolf powers hidden deep inside some Indian...
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I'd like to dedicate this chapter to both mcs50 and jacobswife1! Love you guys!:D

*Bella's POV

After Alice's little outburst, she started ordering stuff online to "re-make" my old white cloak. I was excited about it, but the white outfit that I once wore was one of a kind. I was given it by the Confessors. . .
"So you're in love with him?" Tanya asked, it was just me and the rest of the Denali's now. We were all outside because Alice ruthlessly demanded everyone to get out of the house while she set everything up. The rest of the Cullen's ventured off. . . some going to the store to get something...
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Dawn of a New Era
Dawn of a New Era
Yay! I'm finally at chapter 10!!! Hope you guys like this, and a big thanks for supporting me so far. . . Hope you all enjoy this! ^_^

Previously on Ch.9:

I shook my head as the cursed prophecy entered my thoughts - which I quickly banished away from my mind.
"Flicka. . ." I mumbled, standing up, my back to her. How would I do this? How could I do this? But she needed to be safe. "I must leave this place."

Now Ch.10:

I came back to the present as I finished my drawing of her. . .
There was so much turmoil within me as I remembered those very last moments with her.
I told her that I had to leave, that...
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