SasuNaru Do you like SasuSaku, SasuNaru, both , NaruSaku or forever alone?

Pick one:
SasuSaku! ( But anyway, just choose this if you want)
Sakura! Forever Alone ( Good. I hate Sakura. Wait. Lee incoming! )
Both SasuNaru and SasuSaku! (Um, I don't know.)
Naruto! Forever Alone (even though hinata is bound to get him sometime..)
Sasuke! Forever Alone (Who knows , he might end up with Orochimaru)
NaruSaku ( Nooooo! Sasuke! Hurry up and take Naruto!)
Wait, What? (YAOI! YAOI! YAOI! Um, huh? Where am I?)
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 Celestriz posted over a year ago
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