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posted by Hellowittykitty
This is kinda what he made me do.
This is kinda what he made me do.

Scourge smiled at me lustfully, as if he wanted more. Scourge planted kisses all over my face and a groan escapes my lips. Scourge smirked evilly and began forming sex plans in his mind. His kisses trailed down to my neck, where he nibbled it slightly. My body arched back in pleasure and Scourge kissed my lips once again. He slowly licked my neck as if it was a lollipop. I had NO words to express what we were feeling then. Pleasure maybe? Scourge smiled willingly at me and slowly...
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this is my version...if you think that i stole it i swear to god ill- RIP OUT YOUR JAWS AND DISCMBER LIMB FROM LIMB!! *demon voice* ...lets just get on with the story:

luna: {why did i ever date this jackass??.*remembers ring with x on it* *crys a little* why...why did he have to force rape me?...why *cries even more and beats the shit outta him*}

shadow: {poor luna...i need to tell her...but first *kicks scourge in the nuts*}

silver: {magic....grrr DIE SCOURGE!!!! }

..after the fight :3

luna: stupid bitch.....

shadow: *grabs lunas hand and pulls him toward her* luna...i need to tell you something....
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posted by silverstruelove
That night 10:00:
Me:(thinking) i have to go to sleep. There's no one here but the security guard. I saw him while i went to visit my aunt who was down the hall. I saw him staring at me. His eyes were a familiar color, like i saw those eyes before. I couldnt of because i barely met him.
Everyone but me and the security guard left the hospital.
Scourge: i just have to wait for her to fall asleep then i can inject her with this ( takes out a reddish liquid).
Me:i should of let silver and luna stay. Magic just go to sleep. ( closes eyes)
Scourge: (smiles) now it's time for this. (Walks to me with the needle of the liquid)
Luna: where is my purse. Damn i left it at scourge's house. ( runs to scourge's house and opens door) where is it ohhh there it is. ( gets purse from table and sees plans on a different table) what's this? ( picks up and reads it) OMG

WHAT DO THE PLANS SAY? WHAT'S IN THE SHOT? Find out in chapter 15
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posted by sexyluna34
i ran to jakes house knocking on the door like crazy!!!!

jake: *opens door* uh hey luna..whats wrong you look like you saw a g-mmmmphh *i kissed him*

luna: *pushes him and my self inside and closes and locks the door*

luna: *breaks kiss* i saw scourge!!!! he tried to rape me!!!!! *crys*

jake: *hugs me* its gonna be okay...ill kill that jackass for trying to rape you...*sigh* okay..tell me...what happened?

i explained it very well because the first back thing i said his jaw dropped....

luna: a-and thats what happened...

jake: *kisses me* mm.....*breaks kiss* its gonna be okay long as your...
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