Seether Fun Thing For New Album Had To Put Here!!!

jaklerat posted on Aug 06, 2012 at 03:40PM
NO RESOLUTION!! cause i'm the . MASTER OF DISASTER!!!! TONIGHT!!!! a . FORSAKEN!!!! NOBODY!!! with . DESIRE FOR NEED!!! wich has to . PASS SLOWLY!!! to . FADE OUT!!!! DOWN!!! into . DEAD SEEDS!!!! HERE AND NOW!!! with a . COUNTRY SONG!!!! to help it to blosem into . ROSES!!! FUR CUE!!! YEAH!!! you heard me . EFFIGY!!! theres the hole album. ofcorse i know it's HOLDING ONTO STRINGS BETTER LEFT TO FRAY!!!!

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over a year ago jaklerat said…
big smile
link thanks just needed to use this thought it was pretty kwl!!!!!