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SERENATE!!  serenateforevah 0 2010 over a year ago
Serenate fanatics chat forum ;D [EPIC part 2] NEW  foreverserenate 193 8221 over a year ago
Reasons why EVERYONE should make an altar and adore Derena:  barkenfan 13 2572 over a year ago
Best Word(s) to describe contest!! [Round 3-VOTE!] {New forum}  TheLiineGirl 2 1006 over a year ago
New spot look  Kackahaluzova 54 3861 over a year ago
Serenate fanatics chat forum ;D  Isabellaaa 37987 635861 over a year ago
Serena and Nate Icon Contest [Round 5] CLOSED  chopilichi 28 5076 over a year ago
MEDALS  bright_angel 2 676 over a year ago
Icon Contest {Round 16}  TheLiineGirl 174 13093 over a year ago
Countdown to 3000 fans!!!  NateHeartSerena 228 9176 over a year ago
NS belong becouse...  Isabellaaa 21 1029 over a year ago
how to watch Serena and Nate online?  jianbell 0 311 over a year ago
Hopes for Season 5 Opener??  SNequalslove 4 3402 over a year ago
Your Opinion  gossipchic13 8 1160 over a year ago
Countdown to 2500 fans!  Isabellaaa 307 7828 over a year ago
FOTM! make nominations for october!  TheLiineGirl 11 1161 over a year ago
The NS "OFFICIAL" List! {New Forum}  TheLiineGirl 0 516 over a year ago
Best Word(s) to describe contest!! [Round 3-OPEN]  Isabellaaa 17 728 over a year ago
The NS "OFFICIAL" List!  Isabellaaa 55 4027 over a year ago
FOTM! (VOTE for September!!)  Isabellaaa 21 1050 over a year ago
SCENESTEALING FOR NS!  Isabellaaa 10 603 over a year ago
If youre gonna make a movie starring blake and chace, how will your story be?  serenateaddict 2 615 over a year ago
Countdown to 2000 fans!  sophialover 836 21237 over a year ago
New Icon! [CLOSED. VOTE]  Isabellaaa 92 1241 over a year ago
What are the odds for Serenate being endgame??  goyita16 2 406 over a year ago
Serenate A-Z  katie15 108 4200 over a year ago
Birthday Forum  itsnaddia 31 1233 over a year ago
New Banner + Icon (nominate art here!!)  Isabellaaa 49 3711 over a year ago
three word game  serenateaddict 1 166 over a year ago
Quote from 3x13  Sernate4ever 1 699 over a year ago
Is it just me or Chace look so happy with Blake  jadebkk 45 2987 over a year ago
Serenate and Blace Caption Contest  Serenatefan453 10 581 over a year ago
people like 'serenate' than derena  serenateaddict 0 628 over a year ago
What is your top 5 Serenate scene or your favorite serenate scene? why?  serenateaddict 5 747 over a year ago
TO ALL SERENATE FANS!  serenateaddict 0 199 over a year ago
SERENA AND NATE BREAK UP  serenateaddict 9 5952 over a year ago
<3 FOTM CONTENT <3  lailalove 5 423 over a year ago
Its the HUMPHREY siblings who destroy Nate and Serena  serenateaddict 4 693 over a year ago
Wish List.  katie15 4 414 over a year ago
VOTE FOR NATE AND SERENA!!!!  mitchie19 1 567 over a year ago
Nate&Serena (Body Language 101)  jadebkk 91 9197 over a year ago
3x21 Spoilers from an extra!  headstrongshiho 7 3343 over a year ago
Jenny/Nate/Serena Fan Club!  gossipgirl95 0 570 over a year ago
Songs that fit serenate ;D  Isabellaaa 41 1506 over a year ago
Nate & Serena- opinions forum  ladychazabc 11 1301 over a year ago
ns wish list *help eveyoe say what he wants*  lailalove 0 319 over a year ago
Blace and Serenate Clips for you to download! [LAST UPDATED FEB 8TH]  Isabellaaa 25 3933 over a year ago
You know you ship NS when...  Teasel 29 1341 over a year ago
Does anyone have some NS fanfics to give me?  serenatescenes 4 294 over a year ago
Message to my babes <44  Isabellaaa 4 656 over a year ago
Medals Thread  Teasel 9 367 over a year ago
Rank Top 5 characters in order from your fav to least fav and if you can choose one person out of the show, who would be eliminated?  jadebkk 28 1010 over a year ago
Pics of Serenate & Blace!  mnicolini 18 1125 over a year ago
If you could meet Chace and Blake, what would you ask them?  Teasel 8 566 over a year ago
Pics of Serenate & Blace!  mnicolini 0 260 over a year ago
SPOILER!!! Casting Script (Episode 3.19)  jadebkk 13 4144 over a year ago
Chace dancing! OMG  KimKimmyKip 4 524 over a year ago
Serenate & Blace Caption Contest  Serenatefan453 21 1363 over a year ago
HAPPY [NS] NEW YEAR!!!! <333  Isabellaaa 9 774 over a year ago
WANTED! Deleted Scene NS 2x01  KimKimmyKip 17 903 over a year ago
marry Christmas  lailalove 2 1102 over a year ago
Chace Crawford Pretends to Text in Awkward Situations  XxSereNatexX 8 700 over a year ago
Spoiler!! :)  XxSereNatexX 3 1039 over a year ago
Serenate fans... this made my day!  XxSereNatexX 6 1264 over a year ago
*potential spoiler*  vanillizy 6 741 over a year ago
Countdown to 1000 fans!  sophialover 233 5697 over a year ago
Spoiler: Is Jenny Humphrey a Gossip Girl Homewrecker?  XxSereNatexX 7 954 over a year ago
Gossip Girl Scedual Names Of Episodes Up Till Febuary  Anne112 4 558 over a year ago
Finally some Serenate pairing confirmation for Season 3!!!  Winchester_08 5 6177 over a year ago
Ratings  Lila856 8 834 over a year ago
Serena And Nate  Serenatefan453 0 390 over a year ago
More and More Gossip Girl Set Pictures  gossipchic13 4 3469 over a year ago
Question?  PamHalpert454 3 850 over a year ago
BLAKE AND CHACE GET..........  gossipchic13 3 961 over a year ago
Serena and Nate together???  gossipchic13 1 736 over a year ago
CHACE AND BLAKE............ SHOULD THEY DATE  gossipchic13 4 566 over a year ago
THE END OF SEASON 1!!!  gossipchic13 0 394 over a year ago
What do You Think?!!!  gossipchic13 0 838 over a year ago
Help!!!!  gossipchic13 0 609 over a year ago
Chace and Blake a Couple??????????  gossipchic13 0 767 over a year ago