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Miranda's Trash Can  kb29040 0 3953 over a year ago
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Help me find this quote: which episode?  student_nl 0 2684 over a year ago
Watch Sex and the City Now [HD]  touyedde 2 3837 over a year ago
Jack Berger  MCCTheater21 3 3953 over a year ago
Sex in the City Signed Poster with Certificate of Authenticity for sale  StratoCastner 0 3580 over a year ago
shop girls necklace?  jewelrygirl 0 3239 over a year ago
SATC videos - problem?  Nav 16 4396 over a year ago
Do you think Big is a SLUT??  starrynite100 3 3037 over a year ago
Where are they filming!?  SATCfan584 5 2233 over a year ago
SEX AND THE CITY MOVIE!!!!  megloveskyle 7 2932 over a year ago
Female Sex and The City Fans!!  melneunie 5 2362 over a year ago
satc:the movie- thoughts, rumors, and opinions....  dlyteful 8 2017 over a year ago
Icon Competiton!  LovingLucy 14 2167 over a year ago
Kristin Davis sex tape  daniellelubyk 2 6173 over a year ago
Samantha's earrings at lunch.....  jewelrygirl 2 1709 over a year ago
The name of this episode please??  belldent 1 1521 over a year ago
Sex and the City Dresses  Lolalee 1 1681 over a year ago
Great Elle articles about Sex and the City  knicksfan930 2 1898 over a year ago
Kudos on the graphics!  Nav 1 2439 over a year ago
THE DOORS SPOT!  megloveskyle 0 1983 over a year ago
SATC Fans!!! Please read!  beckybooboo123 1 1353 over a year ago
Sex and the City Pop Art!!  apcarter 1 2005 over a year ago
Amazing quote that nearly ALWAYS gets messed up!!  helnel92 2 2273 over a year ago
Ladies - what does SATC mean to you?  pollymopp 2 2091 over a year ago
What do you miss Sex and the City?  rocknrollsweet 2 1828 over a year ago
NEED HELP! Does anyone know this song?  jcrane1211 1 1937 over a year ago
New Jason Lewis Movie - TEXTUALITY  textuality 0 2011 over a year ago
ysexn  ysexn 0 1950 over a year ago
Sex and the Summer Expo  shanamave 1 1510 over a year ago
french tv shoot looking for a sex and the city fan  notatall 1 2074 over a year ago
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The "Ultimate Contest"  oth_leyton_tla 1 1377 over a year ago sports jerseys,football jerseys  aassa49 0 1612 over a year ago
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The girls in real life  daniellelubyk 6 1377 over a year ago
LEAKED clips from Sex and the City 2  rmillar 3 1226 over a year ago
Sex and The City Cocktail Necklace for sale at Doll Heart candy  DollHeartCandy 2 1372 over a year ago
Please vote for me in this competition!  mothydog 1 966 over a year ago
Participants Needed for Performance in NYC  lineperformance 1 1413 over a year ago
Carrie's $60,000 outfit  rmillar 1 1038 over a year ago
Check out Europe's top sexiest cities - S&TC style!  WTG_UK 1 736 over a year ago
Sex and The City Chick Flick Charm Bracelet  DollHeartCandy 2 2232 over a year ago
Sex and the City 2 Submit your look competition!  globalseb 1 1403 over a year ago
SATC 2 - Carrie & Big's Bedroom Wallpaper  occahome 3 5726 over a year ago
Carrie Bradshaw's Red Umbrella?  fastchat 3 4115 over a year ago
sex and the city tumblr  sjp 1 2454 over a year ago
Serendipity 3  Bobsy 1 5760 over a year ago
I love those series and movie!  huugeFan 1 2352 over a year ago
song from season 3 episode 35  lillshai 1 2708 over a year ago
Jason Lewis so sexy in new movie  clover106 2 3020 over a year ago
what's your favorite episode  jtslug 4 2208 over a year ago
BEST SHOW EVER  jaybird 2 2358 over a year ago
VFC TEEN  victoryfanclub 0 1479 over a year ago
The movie was GREAT!  eseai 14 2510 over a year ago
Sex and the City Sequel Secrets Revealed!!!  MrazFan25 0 1646 over a year ago
List of music used in Sex and the City  soundtrackfan 0 2243 over a year ago
Carries necklace in S6E1/2  elconejooa 0 3014 over a year ago
Carrie's Necklace  mamunia_oh 2 1914 over a year ago
any non-western topics out there?  lethe888 0 1196 over a year ago
any non-western topics out there?  lethe888 0 1386 over a year ago
Sex and the City Xmas Survey!  mack762 0 1798 over a year ago
Female Representation In SATC  jenn__08 0 1371 over a year ago
is sex and the city sexist?  louieb 1 1375 over a year ago
Help me get Sarah Jessica Parker nominated for an Oscar  filmkr27 0 1262 over a year ago
Evan Handler Decorated & Signed PINK DUCK For Charity  nonniad 0 1218 over a year ago
Help!  Holly-Golightly 0 1205 over a year ago
Sex and The City stars for Obama?  jillianjones 0 1348 over a year ago
Need your help - Sex and the City question  Gunny68 1 1942 over a year ago
If you can recite every line from Sex and the City, please read this...  kathyfoxfrisbie 0 1811 over a year ago
Carrie's coat!  Idiosincratica 2 8680 over a year ago
Sex and the City Love Keyring from the movie  nicolle1 1 5659 over a year ago
Carrie's articles ??  lacryshor 2 2351 over a year ago
Non Society Girls at Sex and the City Premiere  MarieCisco 0 1660 over a year ago
Brady- I need an answer!  cass7 2 1798 over a year ago
NEWBIE!!!!!!!!!!!!  bubblefreak 1 1368 over a year ago
Sex in the City Diet coke promotion diamond bracelet  chlo_jay 0 1832 over a year ago
Bag, Borrow or Steal  workingtomato 0 1427 over a year ago
Watch The Movie On This Link (great quality)  CHOCOLATTE 0 1834 over a year ago
Sex and the City Myspace Layout  ilhsa 1 4167 over a year ago
something very importanat  clodia86 0 1007 over a year ago
SOME AMAZING SEXANDTHECITY FAN HELP ME!  jimandpam12 3 1331 over a year ago
Victoria Baker- New Album  kjbakee 0 1473 over a year ago
Making Sex and the City  MarieClaire 0 1639 over a year ago
Sex and the City Central  parisadventure 0 1658 over a year ago
Which SATC character are you? :)  carriebradshaw 7 2662 over a year ago
Found: Sex and the City Love keychain!  fashionmac 0 2835 over a year ago
Your review of SATC The Movie....  carriegal 0 1832 over a year ago
What would the sex girls think about this?  jaymiles 0 1709 over a year ago
Win a Private Screening of the Sex and the City Movie!  Celebrations 0 1778 over a year ago
Sex and the City Soundtrack available on demand on  iheartmusic 0 2564 over a year ago
Sex and the City Movie  josethegeek 3 2203 over a year ago
Sex and the City Contest  eseai 0 1403 over a year ago