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(This is fanfiction)

RockyBlueBear:Hey,whts up?


RockyBlueBear:I'm bored,Ty is out wit Cece ;)

DeuceMartinez123:R they on a date?

RockyBlueBear:I guess so...

DeuceMartinez: Speaking of dates I have to ask u sumthin'


DeuceMartinez123:You wanna go on a date wit me?

RockyBlueBear: YES!:)!!!!!

DeuceMartinez:I'll meet you at the park I have something planned :)

RockyBlueBear:Okay bye.Bout 2 log off see u there :)

DeuceMartinez123:Bye! :) <3

RockyBlueBear: *GASP* <3 U 2!

'RockyBlueBear' has logged off.

'DeuceMartinez123' has logged off.
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First of all, this is my opinion and sorry if you dont agree with me.

Well I know lots of you love Shake it up but, like every Disney Series it takes time for new episodes to come out so everybody does fan fiction stories about the characters and the series. But there is one only thing that I don't like about most writers, is that they exaggerate too much. Like lots of them are about how one of the girls get pregnant, or they habe a horrible life where they cut thmselves, and where they are more older and talk bad or have sex. Me, I, thinks that that's exaggerating the personalities of the...
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posted by nevenkastar
"Did you know today's Ty's birthday?" Rocky says adjusting the radio as she and Cece sat outside their apartment.

"No. Really?" Cece responds excitedly. "So how old is he?"

"Sixteen," she responds as one of her favorite songs comes on the radio. "I love this song!" She jumps up and starts dancing in step with the beat. Cece soon joins in.

Then just as the second chorus starts playing the music is muffled by a loud sound from down the street. The sound gets closer fast and soon they can see the source. A bright red Mustang GT.

It then turns into the parking lot and up in front of the steps. "And...
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