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Female Singers with Low Voices  laudatedominum 0 2931 over a year ago
which celebrity singer SUCKS at singing?  enca 104 24691 over a year ago
how long have you been singing  shazyrach 7 5535 over a year ago
Help!!  Nemisis 0 3590 over a year ago
made a song up  zabka2004 3 5032 over a year ago
what are your fave songs released in 2013?  miraheslin 1 3566 over a year ago
What are some songs you just love practicing your singing to? Just any song you rock at singing.  TDIfanJai499 4 8896 over a year ago
Whats the saddest song you ever heard?  xMs-NerdySwaggx 9 7548 over a year ago
what do you think? :)  hanna9 1 3354 over a year ago
What does everyone think of JLS  funfair 0 2284 over a year ago
Who do you sing like?  Imyselfandme 0 3150 over a year ago
How to Become a Better Singer  Julnori 0 3225 over a year ago
* The Last Letter Song Game*  mrscullen43299 1 3425 over a year ago
Performances  webkinzluv 0 2823 over a year ago
Where do you sing?  harold 18 3999 over a year ago
song writing  webkinzluv 3 2118 over a year ago
Help me get to 1000 views :)  luv_it 3 3368 over a year ago
HELP!!  webkinzluv 2 2470 over a year ago
Learn how to sing  darni 6 2945 over a year ago
Is this a good song??  No1Adele_FAN 0 2143 over a year ago
What are your vocal inspirations?  Sprinter23 5 2877 over a year ago
Strangest Way to Write a Song  ivoryphills 5 2366 over a year ago
My song  webkinzluv 0 1737 over a year ago
hey what do u guys think of this??  hal6970 1 2753 over a year ago
dare you!!!!!!  jonas-freak 1 2906 over a year ago
ONLY SING!!!!  xat-fk 2 2836 over a year ago
auditions  shazyrach 1 3178 over a year ago
"HEY!! I need help!!!"  tiver 10 2891 over a year ago
This is a song i wrote do you like it?  EastendersRox 8 4007 over a year ago
My original Song- It hurts! By Ellie Cowell ( my real name)  wierdgem7 5 3741 over a year ago
Abyss  ivoryphills 0 3077 over a year ago
I've lost my singing voice  shazyrach 0 2915 over a year ago
Black Rick Astley  baselinez 0 2978 over a year ago
LEARN TO SING LIKE THE GRAMMY ARTIST  baselinez 0 2447 over a year ago
the newest the best  enca 1 3276 over a year ago
what do u think  snow_ball 2 3185 over a year ago
Singers for Fanpop's Got Talent?  harold 2 2893 over a year ago
me singing jack johnson flake  johnrichki 0 2379 over a year ago
throat hurts!  crush2222 1 2818 over a year ago
new spot  emzielouise 1 2152 over a year ago
Spot Headline  jameswilson 0 2611 over a year ago
Forgotten Children's Songs  PkmnTrainerJ 2 39054 over a year ago