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Here are all my reasons you should support Sonaze over Silvaze.
1. Sonic knows how to make Blaze smile... without having her die. Okay, the only time I remember seeing Blaze smile with Silver was when she sacrificed herself to destroy Iblis and was trying to calm Silver down.
2. Sonic and Blaze work really well together. Admit it, they both work amazing as a team and they fight well together.
3. Silver's inconsistant. What I mean by that is Silver's character is constantly changing, because SEGA doesn't know what to do with him. He might not be around much longer for all I know.
4. Sonic and...
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When it comes to the Sonic Universe you aren’t going to find much love outside of the Archie Comics and SatAM that isn’t one-sided. The pinnacle of all this is the game continuity of Sonic the Hedgehog. While this medium has dabbled in various love-interests from time to time, they never lasted past one game, and those that were referenced were always interests and never sealed deals.

SEGA (or any developer handling Sonic) never seems to want to dare make anyone have an actual relationship romantically, even when it makes perfect sense. At this point it’s become annoying, what with Amy’s...
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