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posted by crystalstream
Crystal was alone in a medow looking up at the shining stars that blazed above her eventhough she didn't look behind her she knew someone was here."What do you want?"she asked,a quiet,male voice answered"I'm sorry am I disturbing you?"by the affection in his tone,she could tell it was Matthias.
"No not at all.did you want something?"She asked
"It's Snow again."Matthias said as he sat down beside her."She won't leave me alone."Crystal looked up at her warrior ansestors looking for their wisdom."I only deal with prophecies,why do you come to me with a realation problem?"She raised a eyebrow"Do you think I can just change her emotions and your free?"Matthias thought about this for a couple heartbeats and answered"Yeah thats about it-"
She started to walk away outraged,next Matthias did something that he's lucky to still be alive.Right before she got out of reach he grabbed her arm pulled her into his arms and their lips made contact.Crystal's eyes were open for the first few seconts of the kiss,but soon she closed her eyes and wrapped her arms around his neck.After they seperated Matthias turned around and headed for home as if nothing had happened,at all.he looked back and said"Your not bad for a nocturnas warrior."He smirked and walked home.leaving Crystal in a haze what just happened?,she thought,"Nothing more than a dream"she said to herself.she ran home certain that her ansestors were proud.
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You're my most dearest friend KatKat57,Happy Birthday,with my gift as a Jaydertrude Video just for you <3
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* in crystals house*
crystal: rex??
rex: crystal???
crystal:*runs to rex to hug him*
rex: dont touch me u will get hurt * runs to the side*
crystal: why not
rex: they made my body all fire if u touch me u burn
crystal: oh :'(
rex: im sorry * runs out the door*
crystal: im alone
godzillman: *knocks on door*
crystal: ??? come in
godzillman: come on in averyone
crystal: what whats going on
flower: happy bday
crystal: :D
flower: do u want cake
crystal: sure
godzillman: ill cut the cake *cuts cake*
rainbow: hey crystal
crystal: rainbow hey
* the ground shakes really hard*
crystal: whoa * falls onto godzillman*
godzillman: ummm
crystal: uhh sorry
godzillman: its ok
rainbow: what was that
crystal: ahhhhhh
* a gaint robot grabs crystal*
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