SpaceHam posted on Feb 03, 2012 at 06:29PM
Hey guys, so I'm a newcomer to this, but I thought this would be a great spot for everyone to post any Space Jam related stories.

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over a year ago SpaceHam said…

Luke Skywalker and Bugs Bunny were just hanging out on the X-Wing, just hanging out and eating pizza. Bugs Bunny was wearing sunglasses and he looked REALLY cool. "HEY BUGs bunny why don't you call up your best friend Micael Jordan and I can see if I can use the force to play basketball?" Bugs bunny took of his sunglasses and said "OK"
He called up Michael Jordan and put his sunglasses back on. He looked really cool. "hey michael jordan this is bugs bunny do you know lUKE SKYWALER yet? HE JUST challenged you to a game of basketball. IT WILL BE ME and juke skywalker vs you and anyone you pick!"
AMICHAEL JORDAN flew his spaceship to the milenium FALCON and said, "I CHOOSE ASH KETCHUM" Ash rode his Charizard to the milenium falcon and the basketball began!
Everyone was playing basketball and looking cool. Luke skywalker was using the force to throw baskets. Ash Ketschup was tossing Pokemballs around and ehe acidentally captured bugs bunny but they shook hands and everyone is ok now. Air bud wasnot there. Michael JOrdan made a slam dunk!
Everyone had pizza afterwards, and Bugs BUnny even geave gave everyone sunglasses and they all looked cool about it

over a year ago SpaceJamMatt said…
Hi SpaceHam, my name is matt and I work as an carpendar in Paramus NJ and a bar tender during the Summers at Point Pleasant. Jersey for life eY! I really liked your story so I wanted to make it better with my story. We should talk about space jam at my Bar, Martell's Tiki Bar in April when we open. You seem really cool, like Bugs Bunny in your fun story.

Here is my story.

This story is called SPACE JAMMIN' ON THE MILLENIUM FALCOM 2: Bugs Meets Mark Sanchez.

So, it starts out with Mark Sanchez throwing footballs to Randy Moss, the only player the Jet's need in the off season since we're stacked with glory in all the performance positions. Mark says to Randy, hey, we should go check out some girls tonight. Randy, says, no, i want to work on my football skill homie, we shouldnt leave our cabin because coach will get pissed. Mark then says, yes you're right, we're all the way in these woods without a car, theres no way we can check out girls tonight, thanks dawgg.

Then out of no where, a light shows up and its not Michael jordan its bugs bunny and hes really tall. taller than most rabbits or bunnies, i dont fricken know which one he is. And Bugs says hey, you guys. and Mark says, hey, arent you a cartoon. and bugs syas yes. and Randy starts laughing. and bugs starts laughing. and bugs stops laughing. and then bugs says hey come play basketball with us because our hometown is being robbed by luke skywalkr or whatver.

So they jumped in bugs car and drove to space in hopes to fight that stupid space movie or whatever. they get there and Chewbacca is dead beacuse he sucks and then mark sanchez throw a huge missile at lukes millenium falcom and he dies. bugs dies too because he sucks.

Anyway, listen here's my number 873-984-1423. if you want to hang out, i'm 14 almost 15 and i think you're cool. we should go out.