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hanhclubbl02 said …
Hi all, i'm new member. Add Fan me ^^ Posted over a year ago
dancergurl4eva said …
Hi! The Theatre Arts Center is performing the premiere of the student version of Spring Awakening. It will be on August 9, 10, and 11. It is going to be at the Bristol Riverside Theatre in Bristol, PA. Please try to attend. If there are not enough pre-ordered tickets, it might get cancelled. If you would like to come I have attached a link to buy tickets. It is going to be an amazing show, so please try to come see it! Posted over a year ago
dancergurl4eva commented…
Sorry this is my first time posting here is the link: link over a year ago
finchelfan2999 said …
heres the amount of times iv'e listened to each song frm SA on my ipod....

Mama Who Bore Me-40
Mama Who Bore Me(Reprise)-30
All Thats Known-27
The ***** Of Living-39
My Junk-52
Touch Me-63...thats my fave
The Word Of Your Body-33
The Dark I Know Well-31
And Then There Were None-33
The Mirror Blue Night-30
I Believe-42
The Guilty Ones-30
Dont Do Sadness/Blue Wind-17
Left Behind-30
Totally ******-39
Whispering-38(2nd fave)
Those Youv'e Known-26
The Song Of Purple Summer-34
<3 Posted over a year ago
finchelfan2999 commented…
o and then, "There Once Was A Pirate"-13......lol im such an SA Lover! over a year ago
finchelfan2999 said …
"The question is, shame." thats was sooooo beautiful..i will never forget that. Posted over a year ago
finchelfan2999 said …
One quick question....just out of curiosity whats the name of the girl who plays anna? and what other plays has she been in if shes been in any other plays. o and itd be really awesome if you gave me like a list of the characters and the people who play them.(orginal broadway cast pleaz!) Posted over a year ago
finchelfan2999 commented…
ill give you like a prop or something....ya ill give you a prop......5 over a year ago
orange_twerd97 commented…
her name is Phoebe Strole over a year ago
orange_twerd97 commented…
and as far as i could find, she was only in spring awakening as anna and an understudy for isle and wendla. but she was in a lot of stuff on tv and stuff, check it out..... link over a year ago