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posted by lovingflame
Sharp knocked on Ahsoka's door. "Come on or we'll be late." Ahsoka leaned heavily on the door jamb as she opened up the door.
"Stang it.You're not going anywhere. Get back in there, I'm calling the doctor." Sharp helped her sit on the tub's edge as he put the call into the doctor. As Sharp went out to wait for the medics, Ahsoka grabbed a look at herself in the refresher's mirror.
"This doesn't look so good. What's going on with me?" She said as blood was starting to bead and her stomach turned.Turning her a very pale shade of green." Where's the patient private?" The resident doctor said making...
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Due to boredom and someone on facebook who was curious to know all of them i decided to write all the beginning quotes of season 1 and 2 enjoy

Season 1

Ambush- Great leaders inspire greatness in others

rising malevolence- Belief is not a matter of choice but of conviction

Shadow of malevolence- Easy is the path of wisdom for those not blinded by themselves

Destroy malevolence- A plan is only as good as those who see it through

Rookies- the best confidence builder is experince

Downfall of a droid- trust in your friends and they will have reason to trust in you

Duel of the Droids- You hold on to your...
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This happens not to long before the end of the episode, after the battle. And the Republic Fleets don't arive. This isn't my best, but it was fun to make. I decided to do it in first person. And I know this is kinda corny in some parts, I only started it yesterday. I don't own any part of Star Wars.

It was over, the crazy madness with Anakin being injured, and being stuck on the planet. I, Ahsoka Tano, and Commander Bli were starting up the engines of the ship they stole from the Separatists, the republic didn’t find them, but they were still getting off. But when I turned on one of the engines,...
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The Twileks had escaped to the mountains,and Jedi Master Di and Clone Captain Keeli with their platoon of troopers stood to face the droid onslaught. Their objective:Buy the Twileks enough time to escape.
"Remember We need to buy as much time for the Twileks as possible" Di reminded his men.
"Yes Sir" replied Cove a trooper. The droids were advancing. Di jumped out from behind a large rock.
"For the Republic! For the Twileks!" Di said.
And with that signal the platoon jumped out from behind cover and opened fire on the droids. Cove jumped out with his blaster but right when he popped out a Super...
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posted by starwarsfangirl
This is about my Original Character, Lorrettai Hunalo.
Wondering how to pernounce that? Lor-et-tie, Who-n-all-oh. :)
Okay, please read.
I <3 feedback!

Anakin was running. Not for his life or anything big like that, just for some peace and quiet, away from Ahsoka and Obi-Wan. He turned a corner and pressed up against the wall.
“Uh, sir, what are you doing?” Rex had been walking by when Anakin made his appearance.
“Uh… nothing, nothing at all, why, what are you doing?” Anakin replied quickly, walking away. Rex stared after him, completely bewildered.
As soon as Anakin knew...
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posted by starwarsfangirl
First attempt at romantic-ish fanfic.
Sorta fluffy, ik.
Obi/Ahsoka, Ani/Ahsoka, Rex/Ahsoka.
Please read and comment! I'm begging you!

Ahsoka flopped on her bed and contemplated the last seventeen days, and Master Kenobi. Ever since she was a little girl she had heard rumors about Master Kenobi. Obi-Wan Kenobi, master duelist. Obi-Wan Kenobi, The Negotiator. Obi-Wan Kenobi, Padawan of Qui-Gon Jinn, Master of the Chosen One. Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jedi Master, and youngest member of the Jedi High Council. Obi-Wan Kenobi, sith-killer. Obi-Wan Kenobi, assumed dead after seventeen days of being missing....
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Rex and Ahsoka are packing their things before they leave for Saleucami.

Rex is on his way to see his love, Ahsoka.

Rex: Ahsoka!

Ahsoka: Oh. Hey!

Rex and Ahsoka hug.

Ahsoka: Well, I'm gonna be on my way to Saleucami and you are too.

Rex: I'll miss you ever second you're gone.

Ahsoka: Don't worry. We can contact each other with our holo projectors and comlinks.

Rex: No matter what-

He holds both of her hands in both of his.

Rex: We'll always be together.

He kisses her gently and leaves.

Ahsoka feels something in her hands. It's Rex's most prized possesion. The logo of his favorite bolo-ball team. It's in the shape of a star.

Ahsoka puts it in her "Treasures Box".

She keeps packing.

posted by mhs1025
Anakin couldn't stop thinking about Ahsoka. She was more than a Padawan to him-she was the sister he never had. He tried to purge himself of what he said earlier, but he couldn't. *I'll contact Ahsoka. Maybe she can-*. The same sentence played over and over in Anakin's restless head. He paced around briefly before stopping at his "post" again. *The order made her want to leave and they know it!* he cursed himself. He wished he had it in him to make Ahsoka stay with the order, and to make the council believe she didn't commit those heinous murders. But what was HE supposed to do at that time?...
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“What are we going to do?” I asked. I didn’t know what to do; Anakin was injured worse than we thought. But he only got really bad burns and a few other injures, no blood. It must have happened during the battle or not that long ago.
“We’ll get him to safety,” Aayla said. “Some creature must have done this, we’ll figure it out.” I wished we had the makeshift stretcher; it would have been easier to take him to the ship. But he didn’t have it, I was sure we could make another. But we had nothing to build it with, so we lifted Anakin up and took him to the ship. By the time...
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posted by DSDG
Blaster fire rocketed past my head, shattering the stone wall behind me.
These bounty hunters are becoming pretty bold, I thought, either that or
just more stupid. There was a time when they wouldn’t stray too far from the
safety of the Outer Rim, but now they were almost a regular sight on the back
streets of Coruscant. Count Dooku and the Separatists were willing to pay a
hefty sum to anyone who could kidnap a member of the Galactic Senate, so
any fool with a blaster and a starship headed here, to my town. And as the
commander of the Coruscant Guard, it was my job to stop them. The Guard was
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Hey everyone this is my first attempt at a real fanfic hope you enjoy. This is dedicated to my padawan learner GalindaGirl who came up with the idea i really hope you enjoy it.

Anakin walked the halls of the jedi temple in trying to be extra quite. The sun wasn't out yet and most jedi were either sleeping or in deep medatation. He made his way to his padawan, Ahsoka's quaters. Once he made it there he knocked on her door.
A sleepy-eyed Ahsoka opened the door half way. She was surprised to see her master there so early. "Master" she said sleeply, "what are you doing here is everything...
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posted by AaronThomas
Nix-Squad Leader
Boomer-Demolitions Expert and Tech Expert
Snipes-Sniper and Scout
Jinx-Communications Expert, Medic and Protagonist

Kashyyk was a strange, yet interesting planet. I had never been on a planet with an ocean with a forest on the beach. The planets native species were the Wookies, the most fiercest, most loyal allies, he had ever seen.

"Ok Snipes," Nix said,'3 droids on the right of the depot, seem to be on guard."

"I see them sir, ready when you are."

Nix raised his binoculars again, "Three... Two... One... Fire!"

Three quick shots later, I raised my binoculars, the bodies of 3 droids...
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One-Who-Sees shook his mate gently but she didn't move. The object in his clawed hands made a loud mewling sound and the others knew this was an infant S'alebacian. One-Who-Sees knelt down beside her still body crying silently. The infants were able to cry out at birth and then were silent for the rest of their lives.
Ahsoka saw what happened and went to help while Anakin was getting everyone else on board.
Another massive quake shook the shrinking landmass so hard it split in two with water rising to engulf both the TWILIGHT and everyone outside.
The firestorm changed directions and was heading...
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A picture of Ahsoka I drew dressed as a Naboo Pilot
A picture of Ahsoka I drew dressed as a Naboo Pilot
Chapter 1
Anakin’s POV (Point of View)
It was a strange day on Coruscant at the Jedi temple, everything was so different. It started off when Ahsoka and I finished some training when I was teaching her some lightsaber duel tricks. The odd part wasn’t where I had to stop and cough up flem and blow my nose due to a cold. Everything that day felt strange, I wasn’t sure if it was the weather change, or the war really was affecting everyone, but the feel was strange. It didn’t help that some of the lights were out in the Jedi temple.
At dinner I didn’t eat much, there were some Padawan’s...
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posted by mhs1025
Nakoma sat nervously in the Jedi head quarters. She knew she was in DEEP trouble. Anakin was angry at her for doing such a thing. Obi-Wan couldn't believe she didn't listen. Padme tried her best get over the shock. What exactly DID Nakoma do, you might ask? Secretly go out with a Sith Lord!

Dontel seemed to be nice. He was on an undercover mission for the Sith when he met Nakoma. The more the two got to know each other, the more Dontel used her as bait for his evil plans! Dontel was just bad news all around. That's just sad because Nakoma liked him. Here's what else is sad, because he only used...
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Rys, JJeck, Thire -> Season one Disc One "Ambush"
Matchstick, Tag -> Part of Anakin's Gold Squad died "Shadow of Malevolence"

Broadside -> lives until movie 4, part of Gold Squad in show

Droidbait, Cutup, Heavy, Echo, and Fives -> Season One Disc One "Rookies" (except Droidbait) and Season Three Disc One "Clone Cadets" ; with additional appearance for only Echo in Season 3 Disc 4... see following: Cutup killed by giant eel, Heavy sacrificed himself, Echo killed defending getaway ship "Citadel Rescue"

Niner and Bel ->season one disc two "Lair of Grievous"

Mack-> died in crash:...
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posted by lovingflame
Meanwhile Ahsoka sat studying intently at the table, among the numerous piles of books. Wipping her forehead she found blood on the back of her hand. "Damn it, not again!" A chill rode down her spine as she got up to comm the doctor. The sudden pain,contorting her body into a curled ball.Unable to scream, she breathed slowly crawling forwards in hopes of reaching the door. As she continued her struggle Ahsoka shut her eyes, as pain made her its life's work. Her eyes flew open as the bones in her hand cracked,bled and reset themselves. She cried as she had never before,as tears of pure blood...
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posted by mhs1025
Nakoma was sitting on a ship one day thinking after a mission. She wanted more. Yes, she LOVED what she did for a living, but she wanted to find someone, fall in love with that person, and start a family. She wanted an actual life. She didn't want to be a single Jedi forever. Yet she knew attachments weren't allowed in the order. She sighed knowing she'd have to wait as she went in the cockpit to be with Anakin.

"What's gotten you in such a mood?" he asked as he saw the bummed look on her face. She turned away as if she were saying "I don't want to talk about it.". "Okay, I know you have moments...
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posted by mhs1025
"I ran a terrible fever last night Obi-Wan!" Anakin said in a cranky voice. "How high was the fever?" Obi-Wan asked. "Real high." Anakin answered in a rather muffled voice. Anakin had been sick for the past few days. Those days were when he didn't feel like himself. Obi-Wan, Padme, and Nakoma grew very concerned. Just as a precaution, Anakin didn't want them anywhere near him.

Anakin turned over on his side. He was slowly getting back to normal, but he still felt weak. Padme suddenly came into the room. "Open your mouth Anakin." she said calmly. Padme was up for a majority of the night taking...
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posted by lovingflame
"So cousin what's on the docket today?" Reaya said,as she sat across from Padame at breakfast. Padame nearly choking on the toast in her mouth, brought up her travel viewer. "Hmm....King Olan wants permission to take the retiree and the more injured cases to his home planet. Says that men of such caliber need what he can supply, more peaceful surroundings." Reaya had picked up the selector for the haloviewer and was flipping through the channel."Well that's nice of him,but nothing more exciting." Padame looked through the list more throughly, when Reaya said."What's my father's picture doing...
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