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posted by Windrises
Suzaku is 1 of Code Geass' main characters. He's gotten really mixed reactions from the fans. Some people hate him and some people love him. He seems to have gotten more mixed reviews than all the other Code Geass characters. This review is about if I consider Suzaku to be a good character.

Here's some info about Suzaku:

Friends: Lelouch, Nunnally, Cecile

Bosses: Lloyd, Charles (former boss)

Love Interest: Euphemia

Suzaku is Lelouch's best friend. However they become enemies, because of their different plans on how to rescue Japan. Suzaku tries to be the heroic and reasonable person, but he does...
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posted by Hijara
Suzaku Kururugi,17 years old (18 at R2),is the deuteragonist of the Sunrise anime series,Code Geass. He is voiced by Takahiro Sakurai,while his child self is voiced by Akeno Watanabe.He is voiced by Yuri Lowenthal in the English dub,and his child self is voiced by Laura Bailey.In the 29th Anime Grand Prix, he was 6th place with 143 votes.

Suzaku is the son of Japan's last prime minister, Genbu Kururugi. His existence was kept a secret from the public until after the war. Suzaku met Lelouch Lamperouge and his sister Nunnally when they moved to the Kururugi residence as a diplomatic peace trade....
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