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posted by xtcmc5
I think i'ts terrible that Suzi was not very poular in the states,man her own country.Glad she and her sisters are getting a Detroit Rock Awards in Detroit april 27th.i'm going to meet Suzi the Queen of Rock!!!!!!!!!!! And for The pleasure Seakers from 1965 w/her Sisters,and I will be there to meet Suzi,Patti,Nancy and Lavern Quatro!Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Most people I ask about Suzi and thy say no.Then I ask them remember Happy Days and I say remember Learher Tuscadaro they yes and I say that's Suzi Quartro and they go oh! I just love her so much I'm 57 and I have a huge crush on Suzi.I can"t wait to go to the Detroit Awards.I lived and raised in Detroit till 1967.Close to Ann Aror,MI.I was a White Panther w/John Sinclair so Have deep music roots,Rock and Roll was born out of the Bluesss,Muddy Waters said it "The Blues Had A Baby and they named It Rock And Roll!!!!!!!!!!Just ask johnny Winter!!Peace.