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I decided to add an article to this wall since no one posts articles on here that often. This is only something I noticed in the films and this is not saying I do not love Derek as a character. I really do love Derek, he's flawed and makes mistakes but always fixes them. For a brief time, I hated him for this but he's human and now I'm starting to like him again. The reoccurring theme that I've noticed in these movies is that Derek always seems to start the problems indirectly and that they give him the stereotypical persona "that all men mess up all the time". No doubt it's the villains that...
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If I could break this spell, I'd run to him today
And somehow I know he's on his way to me
Derek, you and I were meant to be
Far longer than forever
I'll hold you in my heart.
It's almost like you're here with me,
Although we're far apart...
Far longer than forever,
As constant as a star,
I close my eyes and I am where you are...
Sure as the dawn brings the sunrise,
We've an unshakable bond.
Destined to last for a lifetime and beyond.
Far longer than forever [Far longer than forever],
I swear that I'll be true [I swear that I'll be true],
I've made an everlasting vow,
To find a way to you...
Far longer than forever,
Like no love ever known,
And with your love I'll never be alone
Far longer than forever,
Much stronger than forever,
And with your love, I'll never be alone.
posted by LisaForde
Swan Princess is a 1994 New cinema production which is set in an enchanted kingdom. The story is about a young girl named Odette who's father was the king . Each summer both her and a remarkably prince Derek would meet each summer as kids and hope that one day they would fall in love. A few years later and she is now a beautiful young woman and Derek a charming lad who has finally falling in love with her because of her beauty and her grace. Meanwhile an evil enchanter Rothbart wants to have Odette for himself but when she refuses he turns her into a swan!!! and everytime the moon comes up...
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