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Question about Flynn(Eugene’s age)  LisaForde2 17 34142 over a year ago
Tangled Cruise Line  Bostinha 0 2887 over a year ago
Tangled characters wanted for RP group  beautybeastfan2 0 3130 over a year ago
Where is Rapunzel placed on your Favorite DP list?  Emmalou13 5 4002 over a year ago
☀️Tangled Icon Contest {Round 6: Passionate} ☀️  Emmalou13 51 11106 over a year ago
Favourite Quotes  Elizabeth_Darcy 18 73325 over a year ago
Tangled Script  Elizabeth_Darcy 13 33202 over a year ago
rapunzel pics contest 1st round opend  rapunzel123 6 7535 over a year ago
Tangled RP!  Frankiestein65 8 2267 over a year ago
This film deserves  LisaForde2 3 2039 over a year ago
Sign the Petition to Make Another Tangled Movie  lucy-boyce 3 3309 over a year ago
Question about the charcther design  LisaForde2 0 2340 over a year ago
Do you like to collect Tangled merchandise?  Pocahontas1Fan 6 3433 over a year ago
Anybody gonna buy any merchandise of Tangled Ever After once it's out?  Pocahontas1Fan 0 1662 over a year ago
Banner Contest!  sunnyson 22 3566 over a year ago
What Tangled charcters would you like to see in Tangled Ever After?  Pocahontas1Fan 6 2115 over a year ago
Do you think that the new Tangled short "Tangled Ever After" will be good?  Pocahontas1Fan 3 1417 over a year ago
Rapunzel is my new favorite Disney princess  LisaForde2 1 1715 over a year ago
Flynn's hairstyle  sheep2901 2 7887 over a year ago
Question on Eugene's appearance  LisaForde2 1 2301 over a year ago
Why do people hate the ending(spoilers)  LisaForde2 1 2251 over a year ago
Images from the movie  nboyce32 0 2262 over a year ago
This was so good but until the disturbing climax  LisaForde2 0 5422 over a year ago
wtf it didn't win a tca award  LisaForde2 0 1590 over a year ago
Rapunzel MAD Tangled Video  tonefour 0 2826 over a year ago
The only part I hated was  LisaForde2 0 1113 over a year ago
Love the film  LisaForde2 0 940 over a year ago
Tangled won @the National Movie Awards last night  LisaForde2 7 3726 over a year ago
THANK GOD this wasn’t Tangled(see link)  LisaForde2 3 1305 over a year ago
Is it true that  LisaForde2 1 1306 over a year ago
Night at the museum reference  LisaForde2 5 1321 over a year ago
Tangled  hellomia 3 4220 over a year ago
Do you think a Disney Rapunzel story was inevitable?  blurayz3 1 1269 over a year ago
Tangled  iluvhttyd 5 3711 over a year ago
Wind Beneath my wings Video I made by myself  LisaForde2 0 990 over a year ago
Disney has died  LisaForde2 5 1247 over a year ago
Am I the ONLY person on this spot that  LisaForde2 2 3478 over a year ago
Enchanted Vs Tangled(Judging by characters and story)  LisaForde2 1 2983 over a year ago
Update for banner contest (ASAP new banner)  LisaForde2 2 1028 over a year ago
Love the banner  LisaForde2 1 1456 over a year ago
Wow this film is getting popular 1248 fans.  LisaForde2 0 1392 over a year ago
Did anyone find this quote hilarious  LisaForde2 0 1434 over a year ago
Question about Rapunzel’s new hair do(Spoilers)  LisaForde2 0 2069 over a year ago
Hmm I wonder is  LisaForde2 1 1571 over a year ago
I have spot an error(spoilers ahead)  LisaForde2 0 4286 over a year ago
Did anyone find this scene touching?(spoilers)  LisaForde2 0 1390 over a year ago
The drunken thug in this film (spoilers)  LisaForde2 0 1639 over a year ago
Your thoughts on the Something that I want song(heard in the credits)  LisaForde2 0 1560 over a year ago
Hand Drawn or CG?  Genius_626 1 6351 over a year ago
Anastasia reference  LisaForde2 0 1753 over a year ago
Question about Rapunzel’s hair that confuses me(spoilers)  LisaForde2 0 3447 over a year ago
What I like about this film is  LisaForde2 0 798 over a year ago
Join!  hellomia 0 1384 over a year ago
You wanna know what I think this didn’t win  LisaForde2 1 1172 over a year ago
Flynn is  LisaForde 9 1517 over a year ago
Whatever this wasn’t nominated for Best animated film at the Oscars is beyond me  LisaForde2 0 1945 over a year ago
Lets hope  LisaForde2 2 1046 over a year ago
Tangled  pink124 0 1246 over a year ago
This is the ONLY Disney movie that never  LisaForde2 1 1766 over a year ago
Best Disney CGI film I have ever seen  LisaForde2 1 3196 over a year ago
Question about movie rating  LisaForde 1 1419 over a year ago
Is it just or does Rapunzel look a lot like  LisaForde 8 3148 over a year ago
Its official!!  LisaForde 3 1312 over a year ago
Is it better than PATF  LisaForde 12 1467 over a year ago
Question about end  LisaForde 1 1495 over a year ago
Thank god  LisaForde 0 1531 over a year ago
Oh great  LisaForde 0 1284 over a year ago
Tangled at Disneyland?  TheWaltDisney 1 1776 over a year ago