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Trent's pov!
*sighs* hey. i`m gonna ride to the place where all of problems were kept. it started to rain and i stepped on the bus and sat down. the driver took me to an abandoned film set. i stepped off the bus and into the rain. yep,its total drama action. i walked around the place and it looked the same as it did 11 years ago,but it was more torn down. i walked over to the trailers where we`d all used to stay at and walked in. cob webs,lots of them. just painful memories. i walked out and saw a tree with a carving on it. i walked over to it and it was a picture of a heart with GxT in it....
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Baby Alex
Baby Alex
Gwen-He looks more like you pick.
Trent-How about....Alex?
Gwen-Thats a perfect name..
Trent-Gwen,how am I going to tell my parents!?!
Gwen-Just tell them the truth.I'm sure they'll understand.
Trent-Understand what!?!?!? They are strict!
Gwen-Really Trent.
Gwen-Trent are you ok?
Trent-Why is life hard?
Gwen-How the hell should I know!?
Trent-*gets out his phone*
Gwen-You want me to call...
Trent-Will you?
Gwen-Fine.*starts to dial number*
Trent-I changed my mind!!!I'll call!
Gwen-I know you.You won't.
Trent-Man...*in his head:@#$%*&!!! I CAN'T DO IT!*
Gwen-Trent....I don't want to hurt your feelings you know that right?
Trent-*sighs* Ya.
Gwen-ok.*to the phone* Hi Mrs.Schauffer? This is Gwen.

What will happen next???? Pleas coment to continue. =)
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teacher: Alright have great college education and the ungaduates come with me. Trent:*carries me and spins me around and kisses me in the forehead*. Gwen: Finally college!! Trent: come on let's go, wait a second your wearing the guitar earrings!! Gwen: why wouldn't I I love them? Trent : I knew you would. Gwen: let's go to our favorite place. Trent: you mean the park? Gwen: exactly.* walks towards the motorcycle* what are you waiting for, sexy? Trent: I'm just going to miss this place, alot.
Trent's POV
Alright we are at the park, I am going to take her for a ride to the beach at night and finally...
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Trent and his best friends IIsac and Stiles were at a garage sale looking for something of interest. Stiles spotted something and said "Oh shit guys! The Legend of Zelda!". Sure they liked stuff like inFamous, Cod, etc, but nothing compared like The Legend of Zelda. "This one doesn't look familiar" said Trent. "Should we buy it?!" asked Stiles. Before they could open their mouth to speak he said "I'll go buy it!". "Damn he hasn't been this excited since Skyler sucked his dick for the first time " said IIsac. Stiles was wondering around when he saw a truck with the words 'The SCP Foundation'....
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