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Gwen in love with Trent
Gwen in love with Trent
Authours P.O.V

UM,this is the second chapter of NO!!I Don't Want To.

Trent Smith p.o.v

"Bye"We said at the same time
End of FlashBack

I just meet a new friend,well whatever i have a DAte with Stacy so i betta Go or she will kill me.

Gwen Matthias p.o.v

I was at school.My school is called Black Crity High, just kidding it's real name is: Blaze City High School.
I was at my lockers just talking to Bridgette,Leshawna,Stacy and Heather (Heather &Gwen are friends in this story.

Bridgette-"Hey, Gwen,hello earth to Gwen"
Leshwana-"Whats wrong with you girl"
Stacy-"She's in Love, i know that look anywhere"
Me-"No,I'm not"
Stacy-"Yes you are who do you like Gwen, come on spill"
Me-"Ok fine,I like this guy Called Trent Smith, he is super Cute, i meet him yesterday"
Stacy-"SAy that name again"
Me-Trent Smith
Leshawna,Bridgette and Heather had gone into class while me and Stacy stayed in the corridor.
Stacy-Gwen, guess who i am going to go ona date with in about 20 mins.
Gwen-who my darling friend
Stacy Yelled-TRENT SMITH!
Then came Trent looking at Stacy.
Trent-oh,hi Gwen i see you have meet Stacy
Me-Actually we were friends since Kindergarten to year 11 now were MORTAL ENEMIES!
Stacy pulled Trent in to a kiss.
I ran into the Female toliets, Crying.
She did that on purpose now she doesn;t even care for me.

To Be Continued...............
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Gwen: trent how are we going to find him
trent:i don't know will find him don't worry
gwen: trent i found something this morening*hands him a note thats say*
&i god you WORTHLESSS KID DON'T TRY TO FIND HIM CUASE YOU NEVER WILL IF YOU WANT YOUR KID BACK YOU HAVE TO KILL YOUR HUSBEND GWEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!gwen: how dose this person know my name?!?!?
trent: i don't know but he or she wants me dead
Trent's p.o.v.
i thought it was Gwen's mom but i couldn't tell her that she would probably freak out sence her mom...
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Trent's pov! (3:10 to crazy town)
"*sigh* its not like things can get any worse.."i said right after i pulled Gwen's arm. i went up the ladder and onto the platform. i looked down. *gulps* here goes. i jumped off. "AH!!!"i landed on my groin on a pole. "or maybe they can."i said in a strained voice. "jeez,glad it wasn't me."Chris said. i slowly got off the pole. my penis hurts so freaking bad..i cant even touch it. Gwen looked at me concerned. i gave her a weak smile then i fell on the ground and passed out. i woke up to what seems like 2 or 3 hours. the challenges are over and our team won....
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Gwen P.O.V.

"Do you like it?" Mother questioned.I smiled and nodded to her,Alex hugged her,"Thank you"he thanked.A tear fell against his cheek.Alex and I knew her time was running out from this world. No matter how much she denied it, we knew the truth, all of us did.I joined the embrace with Alex and mother.This will be our last moments together as a family.Time is precious, we have to make the most of it.
I had my arms wrapped around mother so tight, never wanting to let go.Eventually, I had to, hearing a knock from the front door.My brother headed for the door and answered it,"How may...
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Writer's Note

Hi, this is my first TxG article and I really want feedback. Be honest and tell me if it was good, if it needed a little work, if you absolutely hated it, etc. Anyway, on with the story, and thanks for reading.

Trent's P.O.V

It was a rainy day. June 17th to be exact. Oh, how I hated this day. When I woke up this morning, my heart sank to the bottom of my soul. Today was the celebration of my sorrow. I slowly forced my eyes open and stared at the white, plastered ceiling. I inhaled as much oxygen as my lungs could handle, and exhaled a shaky breath. I trudged out of bed and into the...
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*Gwen and Trent as 9 year olds*

Gwen and Trent were best friends and had been for 4 years. Then, something happened. Gwen saw a strange black car pull up. Trent accidentally threw the ball in to a wierd building. "I'll get it" said Gwen. Gwen heard footsteps behind her when.......

*7 years later*

"I don't know what happened after that" Gwen said to her friends Bridgette and Leshawna. "Well what sick son of a bitch would take 23 kids to an abandoned jail?" said Leshawna "I don't know" said Gwen. "Well tell us about this kid Trent" said Bridgette. "Well I don't remember much of him, but I do...
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Ring. Ring. Hello? Hi my name is Mary am I speaking with a Gwen. Yes this is me. Oh hi Gwen can you do me a favor? Sure what is it? Can you watch katie and Sdaie for me while I am at work because I have to work overtime? What about you're friends can't they watch them? They are busy. Oh ok. Thanks Gwen. Wait. What? Is it okay if I bring a friend to help me. Sure I don't mind one bit. Thank you bye. Bye. I might wanna call Trent and tell him what I got him into. Ring. Ring. Huh thats occward he always answers his cellphone unless he is playing his guitar. I'll try the house phone. Ring. Ring....
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Gwen's pov!
um..hey? i`m going to my new school now...wonder if its gonna suck. the school is called hell high,just kidding,Kimbell high school. i walked in,but not without getting hit in the head with wadded up papers. "hey look! the new kid!"some jock said. "yeah,and she's a freak!"some gray headed,slutty girl said. i just rolled my eyes,and walked in the school. purple..everywhere. i`m not saying i don't like purple,its just its everywhere. i walked into the office,and asked a very old lady where to go. "here's your classes."she said. she handed me a white piece of paper,that had all my classes...
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Trent had been waiting for Gwen to come out of the bathroom for the past few minutes.He wondered how she was feeling."I hope she's okay." Trent thought to himself.Gwen walked out of the bathroom a few seconds later and hugged Trent."It turns out I am pregnant. We're going to be parents." Gwen told him."I see."Trent said to her."Have you decided on a plan yet?" Trent asked"I have; and I don't think we can hide this anymore." Gwen replied.
"I'm not getting an abortion or giving up my baby for adoption. We're going to raise our child together and we have to tell our parents even though they could...
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Gwen's pov!
i stood there at the end of the dock,crying and waving goodbye to Trent. (by the way this is on total drama,at the end of search and do not destroy) he was waving to me until the boat was completely out of sight. i sighed and looked at my feet. "well its been a long day,i think i`m gonna hit the showers,great work everybody."Heather said walking off to the showers. everybody started to walk away,but i just stood there looking out at the lake,wishing Trent would come back. i felt a hand pat my shoulder. i looked at the person,and it was Leshawna. "don't worry girl,i`ll get her back."she...
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