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Gwen in love with Trent
Gwen in love with Trent
Authours P.O.V

UM,this is the second chapter of NO!!I Don't Want To.

Trent Smith p.o.v

"Bye"We said at the same time
End of FlashBack

I just meet a new friend,well whatever i have a DAte with Stacy so i betta Go or she will kill me.

Gwen Matthias p.o.v

I was at school.My school is called Black Crity High, just kidding it's real name is: Blaze City High School.
I was at my lockers just talking to Bridgette,Leshawna,Stacy and Heather (Heather &Gwen are friends in this story.

Bridgette-"Hey, Gwen,hello earth to Gwen"
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Baby Alex
Baby Alex
Gwen-He looks more like you pick.
Trent-How about....Alex?
Gwen-Thats a perfect name..
Trent-Gwen,how am I going to tell my parents!?!
Gwen-Just tell them the truth.I'm sure they'll understand.
Trent-Understand what!?!?!? They are strict!
Gwen-Really Trent.
Gwen-Trent are you ok?
Trent-Why is life hard?
Gwen-How the hell should I know!?
Trent-*gets out his phone*
Gwen-You want me to call...
Trent-Will you?
Gwen-Fine.*starts to dial number*
Trent-I changed my mind!!!I'll call!
Gwen-I know you.You won't.
Trent-Man...*in his head:@#$%*&!!! I CAN'T DO IT!*
Gwen-Trent....I don't want to hurt your feelings you know that right?
Trent-*sighs* Ya.
Gwen-ok.*to the phone* Hi Mrs.Schauffer? This is Gwen.

What will happen next???? Pleas coment to continue. =)
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Gwen-TrentGwen-Trent I need to tell u somthing Trent - what is it Gwen- I broke up with Duncan Trent -why? Gwen-Because um... Trent- what? Gwen- I luv you Trent u do?! Gwen- I watched about the 9 thing and I felt guilty and I could only imagine me and Duncan as friends. Anyways I remeber the moments we had. Trent-So are u saying u want me back? Gwen-yes Trent- Well I have one thing to say Gwen-what? Trent luv u too Gwen really? Trent- Really Trent-I been trying to tell u all a long Gwen-I'm sorry if I did'nt listen Trent-Can I ask u somthing Gwen yeah what is it Trent-Do u want to be my girlfriend? Gwen yeah that'll be great then they stare at eachother then kiss and makeout the end
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TRENT'S FAV SONG!!! not mine! She will be Loved by Maroon 5
Gwen's pov!
Ugh..w-where am i? i sat up on the comfortable bed but felt a little dizzy and laid back down. why am i in a hospital? i looked over and saw a blood pouch stuck into my arm giving me blood. oh yeah...Trent went over board with his drinking. Maria walked into the room with a clipboard. she looked at me and she smiled. "are you feeling okay?"she asked and pressed some buttons on a machine. "i`m head is a little dizzy."i put a hand on my forehead. "its because of your blood loss,don't worry it will get better."she promised. "that's great."i said. half of both of the packs walked...
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Gwen's pov!
The new season of Total drama has started...and i have come across a problem. i`m in love with two guys. a sweet musician and a delinquent punk. "ready for the season babe?"Duncan asked. "yeah..i guess."i looked over the edge of the boat we were forced to get on to get to the island. "lighten up,i know one of us will win this season."he put his arms behind his neck and kicked his feet up on the railing. "i cant wait.."i blew the hair out of my face boringly. we all arrived on the island and Ben and Jerry were waiting for us on the dock. "welcome back campers,hope you had a great...
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Trent had left the game at home because he had a date with Gwen. Trent was waiting outside for Gwen to come out. He quickly noticed a man staring at him from a distance. It was like a horror movie cliche, It was very dark with only one light. That light was staring down at the man. "Trent" he heard a voice say, it was Gwen. "Gwen" Trent said "You look gorgeous". "Thank you" She said "You're looking sharp yourself". Trent responded by kissing her. "Did you see anyone outside when you came out?" Trent asked. "Yes" she responded. "What?" Trent asked. "A sexy looking man named Trent" Gwen answered....
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