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Okay, so Duncan and Gwen Kissed, it is a fact. Duncan and Courtney were once a couple, thats a fact as well. Why can't both sides just get over it and leave eachother alone? There will always be Duncan and Courtney fans, becasue they were once a couple. There will now always be Duncan and Gwen fans becasue they ARE a couple now, or for now.And becasue of this the "war" is stupid. In fact war is stupid to begin with.

Has anyone ever tried to talk to someone from the other side of the war without them knowing your a fan? My plan didn't work well, because the fan I picked in the fanpop chat was...
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gwen pov:I instantly feel in love with trent the minute i saw his face and guitar.He was a goody two shoes but i feel face over combat boots.But i also feel terible for cheating on him but it was only once and he dosn't know. I slept with duncan! And im not going to lie duncan was good.So it all happened at total drama island so i was in the girls alone when duncan came to my cabin with snacks edible snacks when we were talkin when i went over to get a tissue when i triped on heathers heels when my skirt blu up and duncan saw my panties so he laughed and we stared laughing when suddenly he...
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