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HSM 3:Senior Year
HSM 3:Senior Year
Ok here is my top 8 favourite movies that teenagers like myself will love or like to watch if they are looking for romance or just something to let your imagination flow through . So enjoy.

#8 A Cinderella story

Another movie I like that tells the story about a teenager who meets a guy online who turns out to be Austin Ames the quarter backer. I loved the dance scene along with the ending. The stepmother in this movie is so hilarious with her fake boobs and her fake hair LOL. Hilary Duff was great in this movie along with Chad Micheal Murray who was hot in this movie may I add. I like the story...
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posted by sarahplove
This is a picspam about my 20 favourite teen movies.

20.13 going on 30

19.Save The Last Dance

18.Pretty in Pink

17.A Walk To Remember

16.The Breakfast Club

15.Legally Blonde

14.Bend It Like Beckham

13.Wish Upon A Star

12.Romy and Michelles High School Reunion

11.Don't Tell Mom The Babysitters Dead


9.Bring It On

8.She's The Man

7.Mean Girls

6.Now and Then

5.Cruel Intentions


3.Peggy Sue Got Married

2.Never Been Kissed

1.10 Things I Hate About You
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