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It was just another beautiful summer day in the Hall, the Justice Leaguers had gone out, 18 year old Dick Richard John Grayson was put in charge until they came home, but when they came back, they saw a huge mess & blamed the mess on him.

the poor boy knew that he didn’t make this mess & tried to protest his innocence, but the Leaguers didn’t believe him, Dick was spanked by Bruce as punishment & the young Grayson boy started to cry loudly.

but meanwhile in Dick’s 3 brothers’ room, Jason, Tim & Damian were playing Go Fish when suddenly, they heard their oldest brother...
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Check out the first look at the Teen Titans Go! half-hour special featuring the Doom Patrol coming later this year on Cartoon Network.
teen titans go
doom patrol
official first look trailer
dc fandome 2021
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Trouble in Tokyo for Starfire(better)