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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
The Baby-Sitters Club Challenge

Goal: To end up with a BSC with all ten members, with physical description, family situations and family names matching those given in the books.
EPs required: None, although it can add to the fun.
Hacks required: The InSiminator is strongly suggested.
- Physical descriptions are deemed to match those of the books only if they are genetically correct. There can be no modifications through hair coloration, or contact lenses.
- Offspring must be genetically related to their parents, unless specified in the books.
- No cheats are allowed, except when specified (see...
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posted by FonzFan82
Note: Hi, everybody. Hope you enjoy this short piece.

My friends and I were at a pet store, trying to find a second cat for my stepsister, Mary Anne Spier’s birthday. My friends and I run a baby-sitting sitting club called the Baby – sitters Club. I am the alternate officer of the BSC. That means I take over for whoever can’t make it. Today was Friday. During school that afternoon while Mary Anne was eating with her boyfriend, Logan Bruno, Kristy Thomas, our club president, came up with the idea we go shopping after school.

My name is Dawn Schafer. I’m thirteen years old and in the eighth...
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posted by JesiRawks
Okay, I am totally stumped. If you're wearing a green and blue shirt, jean shorts, and snakeskin heels, what color should you paint your toenails? Red, black, or clear with a french tip? SOMEONE HELP ME!!!! :) Anywho, Iknow that may make me sound like a girly-girl, but I AM NoT! I just want the outfit to flow well together. And my best friend has NO fashion sense. (I luv her anyway :) So, let me know...
And I am really REALLY bored. And it's 1:28 AM Yawn... I have a dog and he's really cute. In case you my have wanted to know that...