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It's Regionals time in the 'Original Song' episode of 'Glee,' and with stiff competition to beat and tough judges to impress, New Directions must come up with a way...
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Hey guys, i dont know if you heard about it, but Jane Lynch, Sue Sylvester from glee is coming to Palmetto-Florida for a fundraiser for Palmetto Rowing Crew on May, 14. The event includes the chance of winning 25,000 dollars for the first prize and much more, it also includes the honor of MEETING her (NOT ONLY THE WINNER, everybody who buys a ticket will meet her) , all you have to do is buy a ticket from one of the Crew members, for more information contact the email: ! LIMITED # OF TICKETS AVAIBLE!
The star of glee Dianna Agron will appear in the December edition of the ELLE magazine.
She talked with Elle about the movie she stares in: I am number four.The movie is directed by DJ Caruso. Alex Pettyfer also appears in the movie as the principal. The film is based on the novel that has the same name. This production tells the story nine young aliens coming to Earth after his planet is destroyed by a kind of enemy that follows. The number "four", named John Smith, hides in the guise of a high school student.

During the interview Agron was asked about her romance off camaras with his co-partner Alex Pettyfer. The beautiful actress replied: "I never talk about those things".